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23 minutes ago, FiggyPud said:

Yeah this is the first one that hit me hard in quite a while.  As I've grown older I've not really enjoyed "classic rock" (or whatever the hell you wanna call it) as much as I used to, but there has never been a time when I wasn't in the mood for some Tom Petty.


R.I.P. :(

Same feelings here. Almost had the chance to see him on his last tour, but couldn't get off work.

Very shitty day indeed. 



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1 hour ago, DecayToDeath said:

Update: Though not expected to make it through the day, he's still alive, with prior reports being disputed



This article looks like it was from hours ago, is there any update?  I tried google but there are too many news organizations just now picking up the original story to get a clear picture of what's actually happening.

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