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  1. I’ve been tracking two releases on Discogs, both Fountains of Wayne and Appleseed Cast, since yesterday morning. Copies began popping up at retail prices around 11:00 am ET on Friday. Now on Saturday there are nearly 50 copies of each for sale, with the price now below $25 each. I don’t always pay attention like this, but it seems way less people are heading to RSD in person, and it is far easier to grab what you want online than in the past.
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  2. Bronchitis

    The Concert Thread

    Saw Built to Spill Wednesday and Modest Mouse play LCW last night. That was my fourth time seeing BtS in less than a year and was probably the best I have seen them play in 5-6 years. Doug didn’t look like he was falling asleep for once. Modest Mouse was…okay. Pretty much what I expected from that band in 2022 and with two hipster kids poorly mimicking Dan and Eric’s parts. That was both my first and last time ever seeing that band and it’s nice to check that off my bucket list now. I don’t think I saw Isaac take a single drink of alcohol (or anything else) that entire time, yet he progressively seemed to get more fucked up as it went on. He messed up Bankrupt On Selling so bad that it literally sounded like a toddler was playing guitar. It ended with him kicking the last song into double speed just to get the show over with it seems. Very interesting and very embarrassing performance overall. I enjoyed it I guess and don’t regret going, but I definitely don’t suggest that anyone wastes their time and money to go.
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  3. Got Alex G. Thank you @thischarmingham
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  4. I am going to go on a limb on this, and I may be completely wrong, but I think out of those three only Early November will be pressed. I was looking on Amazon music at who copyrights the e.p.'s and Drive Thru owns Early November. Movielife owns Gambling Problem which is shocking, and Audioboxer by Something Corporate is owned by Geffen. Didn't think Geffen would own an e.p. like that, but it did sell well. I'm bummed Say It Like You Mean It is still owned by Geffen, doubt that will be repressed. Again, just by looking at the copyrights on the digital albums, that could signify what Drive Thru can press, but I think the last two e.p.'s to be pressed will be Early November and Steel Train.
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  5. Listen for yourself: https://jenripsvinyl.com/rips/translating-the-name.html
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  6. I moved to Dallas last year. It's not NOLA. Let's just say that! Hope you're well!
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