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    shawnayala90 reacted to rooks in PO Now: Post Malone - Beerbongs and Bentlys   
    Hahaha Post Malone fucking sucks but I'm officially a B Dosia fanboy. Kid is pulling down 450k a year with a first grade education. #inspired
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    shawnayala90 reacted to corey. in P.O. NOW MewithoutYou (Ultimate Extended) {Untitled} EP & LP   
    I think this is the most excited I've been about a non-rap vinyl release since Hop Along dropped earlier this year.
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    shawnayala90 reacted to sethdavid in P.O. NOW MewithoutYou (Ultimate Extended) {Untitled} EP & LP   
    As an aside - the deluxe version of Pale Horses that I own always makes me laugh because I've never seen a vinyl mock-up be further off from the final product. 
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    shawnayala90 reacted to Sh100by in Broken World Media - Everything's $2 sale (+ TWIABP & other Test Presses)   
    Buy the Nouns LP. Best band you never heard.
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    shawnayala90 reacted to Bladewillisisdead in PO: La Dispute - Somewhere at the bottom... 10 Year Anniversary Edition   
    Had no interest in this because I have an old copy, but then I saw that there's new artwork by Corey Purvis. Now I'm tempted even though I almost never revisit this album.
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    shawnayala90 reacted to corey. in PO: Spirit of the Beehive - Hypnic Jerks   
    It's actually the text taken directly from the original artwork, which is this photograph:

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    shawnayala90 reacted to Bladewillisisdead in PO Now THOU - Multiple EPs and new LP   
    All three EPs are fucking dope

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    shawnayala90 reacted to tlr in PO: Mewithoutyou [A->B] Life Repress   
    They released this yesterday, two part documentary for $5
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    shawnayala90 reacted to Bladewillisisdead in Self Defense Family-Infinite Releases Thread   
    Sweet, thanks for this. Totally saved $1.80 because I kept forgetting to preorder this.
    Just got an email from discogs saying I owe them like $2, so even though this is all negligible amounts of money I enjoy that it worked out like that.
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    shawnayala90 reacted to dantheriver in PO NOW: Foxing - Nearer My God   
    Black is still up in the bundles if you don’t mind paying more for the extra stuff. 
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    shawnayala90 reacted to corey. in PO Now: Lambchop - "What Another Man Spills" (Out 8/3)   
    I found Damaged at my local shop back in like 2013-ish? Was a cool find that apparently had been there for years. And I was able to get OH for a reasonable price back in the day, I wasn't aware that their records were so rare.
    I'm also super interested to know what's up with the potential color version mentioned above. I don't buy from Merge super often so I'm not familiar with their ways
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    shawnayala90 reacted to MachoHommeRandallSauvage in PO Now: Death Cab for Cutie - Thank You For Today - August 17   
    It's weird to think it was that long ago!
    I actually really loved Narrow Stairs though. It has probably three or four of my top ten Death Cab songs on it.
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    shawnayala90 reacted to tetsuodaironman in [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop   
    Hey, look what I found...
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    shawnayala90 reacted to Bladewillisisdead in [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop   
    Anyone want to see see my Nothing collection? It's 2 copies of that Death of Lovers EP on Deathwish and a black copy of ToT. Pretty impressive.
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    shawnayala90 reacted to Bladewillisisdead in PO Now: Kids See Ghosts   
    Kids see ghosts? As Bruce Willis is Dead I say "Pfft...been there. Let me know when you're on some new shit"
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    shawnayala90 reacted to sabukweli in PO Now:Joey Bada$$-1999   
    While you're shopping for Pro Era vinyl, don't miss out on this. I enjoy it even more than All Amerikkkan Badass.
    Edit: Where the hell is the Cap Steez project already!?!?
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    shawnayala90 reacted to nardes in PO NOW: Kanye West - Ye   
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    shawnayala90 reacted to ethereal in [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop   
    I hope they release a blood infused 12xLP splatter in color swirl deluxe box set with hardcover book and nick basset’s diary entries so I can buy it and prove I like Nothing the most 
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    shawnayala90 got a reaction from MCDELTAT in PO: Tancred - Nightstand (out June 1)   
    Got in the Early Bird variant today, way cooler than the mock up or what i imagined!

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    shawnayala90 reacted to Negron in PO: Between the Buried and Me - Automata I + II   
    Decided on the green/purple splatter for II, but contemplated selling my part 1 and grabbing the double record first.
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    shawnayala90 reacted to Gumbo72203 in DEAFHEAVEN - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love   
    Nope, it's basic physics.  The heavier weight helps make the record and record player become a more stable unit, much the same way that people use weights and pucks to reduce vibration.  I mean, you can probably argue the perceivability but the math holds.  Also, much like cortical bone, the thickness/mass helps prevent mechanical strain (bending).  Granted this is all moot if the pressing itself is shitty. 
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    shawnayala90 reacted to corey. in PO NOW: I Kill Giants - S/T (5 Year Anniversary)   
    2 different label logos
    BUT - I am actually doing something fairly similar with some copies of the second press yellow variant that didn't have any jackets. But it's also official / approved by all parties involved haha.