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    firefoxUSSR reacted to Wasda Deelwifkramer in Armor For Sleep - WTDWYAD   
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    firefoxUSSR reacted to rickker in PO: Failure - 1992-1996 5LP Box Set   
    That should be the hype sticker on the physical release.
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    firefoxUSSR reacted to mameeshkamowskwoz in PO: Failure - 1992-1996 5LP Box Set   
    People have been jizzing themselves on a FB Failure group so I'm pretty pumped to give these a listen.
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    firefoxUSSR got a reaction from sugareggs in PO: Failure - 1992-1996 5LP Box Set   
    I just got the files less than an hour ago, initial impression... Magnified is greatly improved in mix and sounds better, more lush and textured... listening to "Wonderful Life" atm... which is my personal favorite on the album.   Curious why they didn't send out 24bit files, the download is 16bit. 
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    firefoxUSSR reacted to ntslash in PO NOW: Filter- Title Of Record   
    I gave mine a good clean before listening and didn't experience this distortion. 
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    firefoxUSSR reacted to mertzrock in HUM - You'd Prefer An Astronaut LP from SRC All Pressings Discussion   
    These are not done without consent.  When artists sign to a label that hold rights — they can be licensed out to third party companies.  Just because the artist is not putting out the Record or “consents” to it — this is how business is done.  It’s a potential pitfall for an artist that has been around since musicians have been signing contracts.   
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    firefoxUSSR reacted to Autumn. in PO NOW: Tyler the Creator - IGOR   
    I want an official release of Cherry Bomb so bad, it's one of my favorite Tyler albums. Deserves more love tbh. I might try getting a bootleg copy of it someday, but I'm afraid of it sounding like trash haha. 
    Glad I got the limited version of Igor though <3 
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    firefoxUSSR reacted to Derek™ in PO NOW: Tyler the Creator - IGOR   
    Classic stl_bendover.
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    firefoxUSSR reacted to derby625 in PO NOW: Filter- Title Of Record   
    It’s up on amazon for $30 and preorder price guarantee. 
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    firefoxUSSR reacted to derby625 in PO NOW: Filter- Title Of Record   
    I sold mine too. I will be picking this up at some point. 
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    firefoxUSSR reacted to Spirit Level in PO NOW: Filter- Title Of Record   
    Stoked that it'll include (Can't You) Trip Like I Do
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    firefoxUSSR reacted to Boaty McBoatface in PO NOW: Filter- Title Of Record   
    YES. I’m one of the few who prefer this album over Short Bus. All I need is The Amalgamut to exist now and I’ll be happy. 
    Might wanna fix the Title of Thread ...
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    firefoxUSSR reacted to Wasda Deelwifkramer in Finch - What It Is To Burn X Live repress   
    For anyone who missed out on the original white pressing from 2014 it is being repressed on double black vinyl.
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    firefoxUSSR got a reaction from vinyl addict in Cake Vinyl Boxset Coming Soon per RSD 7" sleeve   
    I think some of the discs had defects in the pressing but the sound quality is good-to-great.  I didn't have any of those issues, mine was the second round.

    My turntable is a ProJect Essential II Digital with the stock cartridge (Ortofon OM-5E).  I just archive my stuff in 24-bit digital cuz you know... dynamic range matters and I don't like wearing down my records.
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    firefoxUSSR reacted to SBarry in 7 Levels Of Vinyl: A Scientific Method of Defining the Level to which you Collect each Release in your Collection   
    Hi police? Yeah I’d like to report a geocities webpage in 2019 please.
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    firefoxUSSR reacted to jrodan in Hum - Downward is Heavenward Reissue   
    fuuuuck man. come on. we have been over this. it is one guy mailing out hundreds of records. i got mine last week. my buddy who ordered the same day hasnt gotten tracking yet. it will come. be patient and so help me god if you email matt to ask about this i will come and murder your family. HAVE PATIENCE
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    firefoxUSSR reacted to amaestre in PO: Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell (2xLP) [2/8/19]   
    Surprised there is no thread for this reissue:
    "Celebrating its 25th anniversary, Bat Out Of Hell II: Back Into Hell is making its US vinyl debut. The original release of Bat Out of Hell II returned Meat Loaf to the top of several charts around the world, fueled by its GRAMMY-winning international smash single, “I’d Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That),” which hit No. 1 in 28 countries."
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    firefoxUSSR reacted to ejc625 in Thrice - Vheissu, TAITA reissues + Red Sky EP   
    SRC sucks, yeah - but their releases are normally on point. 
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    firefoxUSSR reacted to jonahmatrangadotco in Far - Water & Solutions: What Happened   
    Just wanted to pop by and say how sweet it feels to see the stuff bein chatted about. Sorry to the few of you whose xtra vinyl I somehow forgot, it's been a crazy coupla months, but I'm sortin it out. As to the master, my friend Will Quinnell is a badass mastering engineer who also loves W&S, and he made us a special vinyl master for this pressing. Yay music! Anyway, say hi anytime at jonahmatranga.com :) xo
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    firefoxUSSR reacted to steventangent in PO SOON: Clutch — Clutch (MOV Pressing)   
    My local shop has this listed. Before I drop $30 on it, how does it sound?
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    firefoxUSSR reacted to mucusoffmybrain in Far - Water & Solutions: What Happened   
    Yes, different pressing. New one has  Pirates Press WS20  in deadwax. 
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    firefoxUSSR reacted to mcpherson123 in Pinback - Blue Screen Life reissue   
    Summer In Abaddon is amazing. It might be my favorite but the goldenness of the majority of the jams on Blue Screen Life is too much to deny. I highly recommend you check it out unless you're afraid of being so enamored by it that you'll be unrelentingly compelled to pick up a copy on vinyl despite their exorbitant aftermarket prices. I scored like a motherfucker around 2010 and got a clear copy for $5. eBay snipers were slacking that day. 
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    firefoxUSSR reacted to nevelsaynevels in PO Now: Sevendust - Self-titled 2x LP (12.08.17)   
    I would take  copy of Violence. That art would look sick with a bright yellow/ or maybe Orange variant. 

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