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All Time Low - So Wrong, It's Right LP Hot Topic exclusive

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Lehigh Valley Mall in PA has two of these left. Grabbed one today. They also have one more copy of ETID which I also grabbed.

Thanks for the down votes... I was just letting people know what store has some of these left...

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crud, I was waiting for hot cash to end.. does anyone think there will be more to go up after hot cash? or should i just sell my soul to ebay before these things get even crazier in price ._.


please, do not buy records on ebay.

sooner or later you'll find this either here in the sales board or anywhere else for a decent price. just wait and don't panic.

don't support flippers! if people stop buying overpriced records from ebay sellers, record flipping perhaps won't be a paying hobby for most of these idiots any longer.

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