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To celebrate the ten year anniversary of the release of Get Behind Me Satan, Third Man Records is happy to unleash the first-ever commercially available version of the album on vinyl, to be released on Record Store Day, 4/18/15. This release includes a full-size, 12'' x 12'' lenticular cover and has disc one pressed on red vinyl with disc two pressed on white vinyl. Newly-created artwork reprising themes of the original promo-only version of the Satan LP will be exclusive to this release.

Winner of 2006 Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album
Includes their classic singles, ''Blue Orchid,'' ''My Doorbell,'' and ''The Denial Twist.''

LP1: RED Colored vinyl
LP2: WHITE Colored Vinyl
180 Gram Vinyl 
includes mp3 download
Record Store Day Exclusive 3D lenticular cover gatefold jacket
printed inner sleeves

Limited to: UNKNOWN

Jack White - lead vocals, guitar, piano, mandolin, marimba, tambourine
Meg White - drums, percussion, backing vocals, triangle, bells, bongos, lead vocals on ''Passive Manipulation''

Produced by: Jack White
Recorded by: Matthew Kettle 
Engineer, Mixing: John Hampton
Mastering: Howie Weinberg
Photography: Ewen Spencer

Recorded to eight track reel-to-reel at Third Man Studios in Detroit, Michigan in February 2005, and mixed at Ardent Studios in Memphis, Tennessee.
Mastered direct from analog tapes.
Manufactured by: United Record Pressing

Blue Orchid: http://youtu.be/uoZ4zWuu2Do
My Doorbell: http://youtu.be/IlcMRq3gb1s
The Denial Twist: http://youtu.be/y6LuwU3LPLE

Tracklisting (sequence exclusive to this vinyl):

Side A:
1. Blue Orchid 2:37
2. The Nurse 3:47
3. My Doorbell 4:01

Side B:
1. Forever For Her (is Over For Me) 3:15
2. As Ugly As I Seem 4:10 
3. The Denial Twist 2:35
4. White Moon 4:01

Side C:
1. Instinct Blues 4:16
2. Passive Manipulation 0:35
3. Take, Take, Take 4:22

Side D:
1. Little Ghost 2:18
2. Red Rain 3:52
3. I’m Lonely (But I Ain’t That Lonely Yet) 4:19

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The White Stripes RSD releases usually aren't that hard to get and it'll be available on black vinyl and stay in print thereafter. Why would you prefer to pay $60 for it and wait several more months to get it?


I've been waiting 10 years, a few more months is nothing. You're right, I just don't care for RSD. Having this as a vault release would guarantee I would have the edition I want, and would come with a bunch of other pointless shit that would obsess over.  :D

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I imagine the run for this will be pretty big (way bigger than Elephant), seeing as this has never had a widespread release.  And Elephant was pretty easy to get on RSD.


top for the yr of 2015.  like lazaretto for last yr.  calling it now.  


that 3D cover.......... oh my

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top for the yr of 2015.  like lazaretto for last yr.  calling it now.  


that sleeve.......... oh my



Its not 3D, its lenticular. Ever see the cover of the original Tool-Aenima CD?

I have a lenticular cover on my RHCP- One Hot Minute LP as well.




and yes, to answer your question

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I wonder if an upcoming vault will be a GBMS singles box like Elephant. Maybe press Walking With A Ghost for the first time.


I came here to be all "But Walking with a Ghost has been pressed" but I guess it's not an official/widespread release. At least according to the Discogs entry.


I picked one up while I was in Ireland a few years ago.

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