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Fowty Dollaz

PO: The Lawrence Arms - We Are the Champions of the World (/tour with Red City Radio)

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PO vinyl - http://www.fatwreck.com/record/detail/984


Dates/info - https://www.punknews.org/article/65782/lawrence-arms-to-release-hits-rarites-comp-and-tour



So, the Lawrence Arms are 'bout to drop da fyre. Or just a new album. TBD. Speculate/ Report here. I'm antsy as shit over it. 

Update: Probably a Greatest Hits album called We Are The Champions Of The World

Probably coming out on FAT Wreck Chords at the end of May.

I'll probably order two color variants in hopes of trading up to a store variant. 

Most people will probably buy this even though we already own all of the songs already (several times over even).

We're probably suckers.


(yes that's my actual dumb face when the Larry Arms had an actual new album)

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26 minutes ago, Prestonlanes said:

I think this is going to be a retrospective/“greatest hits” type thing.

Already have one of those. I guess it could be a newer one. Edit: I guess cocktails and dreams isn't that, but it is to me.

40 minutes ago, Satan said:

I'm listening.


Also. Source?

LA Facebook. I think they posted it on the 23rd. 


24 minutes ago, Tidal Wave said:

A new album would make me happy


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2 hours ago, Satan said:



I found that based off our Russian friend above. In the in the search results, it also said something about being on FAT. 

cheaper on amazon



and add me to list of people curious as to what this is...

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5 minutes ago, Satan said:

Google it. You'll see that in the description in the Google results for the link I found.


"Lawrence arms we are the champions"  was my search.

Oh, I know, I saw it in the product description. I just thought it was weird. They have what, 2 LPs on FAT? 2 with Mike and the one Epitaph. I guess Fat would easily pull those rights to put out a comp. At least it will (hopefully) have a nice color. Just gotta try to find a dude/ette to grab a store variant though. 

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