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Sleater Kinney - The Center Won't Hold (8/16)

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So weird that she’d drop this after the album is ready to go and tour on sale. Very skeptical that this is the full story, as it would be supremely shitty of her to leave the band scrambling for a replacement and fans without a key part of SK for a tour with tickets already sold just because of the “new” direction (which presumably would have been apparent since they started writing and recording this record many months ago). There has to be a “better” reason she didn’t want to see out the tour. 

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I imagine each new round of the process (writing, recording, touring) introduces an opportunity to eject one's self as neatly as possible given the situation. I'd take her word that it's a creative difference and not something scandalous. The new re-brand is pretty bold and extends beyond the music into the visual elements of the band members themselves (or so it seems from some live videos I watched) and I can see how not everyone might have the energy and desire to take on that kind of theatrical/visual duty.

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Posted (edited)

This says gatefold for the split and the 180g black



Looks like the VMP version just has the red vinyl and the VMP foil stamp on the gatefold. 


This version seems to be the only one with a different sleeve. looks like the tracks are "hand written" instead of type. 




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