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[RSD 2014: Request Thread]

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Looking for the Banks Remix EP if anyone can help. Thank you.


I'd say at least 5-6 of us, maybe more that haven't spoken up have posted looking for this. This is the only proof I have even seen of it today lol




Luna Music store got copies in Indianapolis indiana. Nothing on Ebay and I guess hopefully a few sites tomorrow will have copies for sale if they didn't sale out. Only 350 being pressed sucks.

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Here's my try at this. These are my wants for today but since I don't have a local store anywhere close I'll have to rely on online sales. If anyone grabs extras of these I'd be forever grateful for the help! DCFC is the highest on my list. They are my wife and I's favorite band together and we got to see them for the first time on the tour that they recorded this for.


Circa/SDR Split


-Crosses "1"

-Crosses "2"

-Crosses "3"


-DCFC "Live 2012"

-Childish Gambino "Because the Internet"

-Jon Brion "Paranorman OST"

-MGMT "Oracular Spectacular"

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If you find the Die Kreuzen Cows and Beer 12" for less than $25, please shoot me a PM and we can work out a cool deal.

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