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  1. Looks like that Ella/Louis set is on the Jazz Track label, which means it's one of those questionable public domain releases probably sourced from CD. I mean for $10, why not, but still.
  2. Box set available to order here:
  3. Omnivore is also releasing a 6xLP box set called "The Complete Chris Bell" sometime this year for those who are interested. I wish they would use a better pressing plant. My copies of Big Star Complete Third are noisy.
  4. I do wonder why SAW II, Drukqs, or any of the earlier Warp EPs haven't been reissued on vinyl by this point. Surely they'd be among Warp's highest selling records.
  5. Yeah, got mine last week too. The tracks on it were some of the best ones from the soundcloud dump. I've never seen Warp issues of RDJ Album and ICBYD in local shops here in the states (only the shoddy 1972 versions). These new issues look like they will be available domestically, which is nice.
  6. Cool to see these will be in print again, but it's too bad there's not a standard single disc 33rpm version of these. $40 is just too damn much for one album.
  7. Preorder for the 2017 series soundtrack has gone up.
  8. Album is awesome. Probably their best yet.
  9. Elliott Smith - Heaven Adores You $12 free US shipping
  10. Smiths available anywhere? Mildly surprised a release with 12,000 copies is this hard to find near list price.
  11. The blue Paranoid Android is beautiful. I hope this ends up turning out like that, but yeah, the descriptions say it's opaque.
  12. This is the real question. OK Computer deserves better than Rainbo
  13. I've seen some people get screwed by before, they oversold one of their signed editions in the past.
  14. Here are my overall thoughts on this: I sort of wish they opened the vaults more for this release. When the rumors about a deluxe OK Computer started making rounds, I fantasized about a Pet Sounds Sessions-esque release — Original album, new mix, instrumentals, acapella tracks, demos, b-sides, etc. All that’s new here is the remastering (which I doubt will be that significant) and the 3 unreleased tracks. While this new set includes the 8 studio b-sides, there are four b-sides missing that were on some of the CD singles. Two live tracks from No Surprises, and two remixes from Karma Police. I think the band are going for an “OK Computer Pt. 2” type release, which would make sense why they wouldn’t want to include those. The 3LP set is a pretty good value for $40, but the deluxe box set is not worth $100 more, in my opinion. Is a box, a cassette, a book, and more artwork really worth $100? We’ll see. This is the most expensive deluxe set Radiohead’s ever put out, so quite a high bar has been set. The wording regarding the remastering is really odd on the website: “all newly remastered from the original analogue tapes* *But why? The original analogue tapes are the highest definition version of the record, and nothing will ever beat them. However in the 20 years since the original release mastering technology has improved a lot, and with new equipment and techniques we can make a digital version that's an improvement of the original transfer.” So are they saying they’re digitally remastered? It sounds like they forgot to say “all newly digitally remastered” in the first part. Regardless, my Parlophone pressing of OK Computer and all of its 12” singles (plus the 7” of Paranoid Android) sound AMAZING. I highly doubt that this release will compare in terms of quality, but I hope it does. Pressing quality is a concern considering what happened with A Moon Shaped Pool. I was hoping for a complete b-sides box set at some point. With this existing, I don’t see that happening (until maybe 20 years from now!). Now I’ll just hope for boxes of the remaining albums, but they’ve already skipped Pablo Honey and The Bends, so… maybe not? Finally, they need to reissue the promo floppy disk:
  15. Apparently the blue is limited to 4000 US, 3000 UK, making 7000 total. A Moon Shaped Pool was limited to 9000, if I recall, and that is still easy to find and affordable. I don't think the blue vinyl will be hard to get a hold of come release day. I hope there isn't a gap in quality (Rainbo vs Optimal) like there was with the colored versions of AMSP.