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  1. I signed up for a one month membership for Demon Days but I don't want Tidal. I have some credit in my account so I'm going to buy something from their store, so if I do all that and cancel before May 2nd, I won't get billed for Tidal, right?
  2. I bought a pack of 10" ones and I swear they caused hairlines that weren't there before. I'll certainly be sticking with MOFI ones for 12" records.
  3. Already seeing some decent priced listings on eBay and Discogs for the titles I'm interested in picking up. I think I'll wait until stores officially put them up (like 1234go or Amoeba) just so I can get them both shipped from one place to save on shipping.
  4. None of the stores near me are getting any of the four things I wanted. Oh well. Hopefully I'll get lucky and get them when places start to put them up online.
  5. In case anyone was thinking of picking these up:
  6. Here's the tracklisting 1. Losing A Whole Year 2. Narcolepsy 3. Semi-Charmed Life 4. Jumper (1998 Edit) 5. Graduate 6. How's It Going To Be 7. Thanks A Lot 8. Burning Man 9. Good For You 10. London 11. I Want You 12. The Background 13. Motorcycle Drive By 14. God Of Wine 1. Alright Caroline 2. Scattered 3. Slow Motion (Demo) 4. Semi-Charmed Life (Demo) 5. Kiss Goodnight (Demo) 6. Scattered (Demo) 7. Heroin (Demo) 8. Tattoo Of The Sun (2017 Version) And yes, they confirmed Alright Caroline and Scattered are new recordings on their Facebook. That means 3/8 of the bonus tracks are re-recordings. Ehh... Also, there's still some tracks left out that were available on CD singles: -Graduate (Remix) -Horror Show -Tattoo of the Sun (original version) -Losing a Whole Year (Remix) This looks pretty underwhelming, in my opinion. I'm happy with my standard album.
  7. i love import cds
  8. I've found Rainbo to be really consistent. consistently garbage
  9. I assume MusicVaultz cleaned up their act with the labels since a lot of people seemed to have the problem. Anyway, it doesn't sound like they're trying to screw people over on purpose, and you can always resort to Paypal if anything goes wrong. Honestly, it might be worth some hassle since some of these sets end up being 60%+ off normal prices.
  10.*/Spring-Clearance-Sale/?utm_campaign=21658577& Use WELCOME for 15% off. Free worldwide shipping! Some prices with the exchange rate and discount applied: Peter Gabriel So deluxe for $35 shipped Mellon Collie for $40 shipped Aeroplane Flies High and Smile Sessions deluxe for $45 each shipped The Band 8LP Box $66 shipped Beatles Mono vinyl box for $135 shipped Great deals! A couple say "back in stock soon" but it sounds like they'll get them in. edit: Beatles and Aeroplane boxes gone. oh well
  11. I got my Kanye record yesterday and played it today. It's probably the worst sounding new vinyl release I've ever purchased. Some really bad surface noise on a few sides and one of the sides skipped a couple of times. Plus the actual audio sounds compressed. Debating returning it since it is pretty unacceptable sound-wise, but it was cheap and the packaging is somewhat interesting, so idk.
  12. 40% off sale items (discount applied at checkout) free shipping over $50
  13. The code's not working for me, either. I've tried various Warehouse deals items (vinyl, food, etc.) in addition to the Zeppelin box and it doesn't work.
  14. Yeah, I referred someone the day Demon Days was announced so I'll definitely shoot them an email. Thanks.