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  1. If you want Bitches Ain't Shit, just get the Landed 7". It's very cheap.
  2. Bull Moose updated their site with listings
  3. Picked up some things I've been meaning to buy for awhile now. Beck - Odelay Beck - Sea Change Boards of Canada - Geogaddi Boards of Canada - The Campfire Headphase Devo - Hardcore Vol. 1 Devo - Hardcore Vol. 2 Averaged about $15 per album. Good deal, thanks for posting it.
  4. Has anyone ordered over 5 records in one shipment from importcds? I'm wondering how well they package them.
  5. Mutations 2xLP allegedly out May 19 according to SRC.
  6. That importcds deal has a way better selection than the last time they had it. Will probably place an order soon.
  7. Are referral codes unlimited? I imagine there are many people clicking on the links in this thread.
  8. A ton. It was on the Slickdeals front page.
  9. Oooh Dennis Wilson - Bambu. Now I can stop looking for the 3xLP Pacific Ocean Blue set.
  10. Left a couple hours ago. Line wasn't too bad, I waited maybe 45 minutes. They sold out of Stooges which is the one I really wanted, but they were taking emails and charging for them to ship it out later sometime. Did anyone also do this? Did you receive any sort of confirmation email? Paranoid I might have entered my email wrong haha.
  11. How limited are these exclusives supposed to be? Like 'you better line up hours before' limited or 'just show up at any time when they're open tomorrow ' limited? I might swing buy to get the Stooges record but I don't feel like getting up early.
  12. Not a crazy deal but oddbanana has Grimes - Art Angels up for $9.40 plus shipping. Also, the Aphex Twin record from the seller jackshidt posted above is back in stock.
  13. Grabbed Aphex. Thanks!
  14. Awesome! Couldn't justify $40 a piece for the Bong Load reissues. Glad that Figure 8 is a 2xLP.