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  1. got the Rise 3 LP bundle because it's the best value. the DW splatter is tempting and the Heartworm limited variants are $$$ whew.
  2. damn, that picture disc looks SICK. I regret every negative thing I said about this. no shipping notification on my FYE exclusive, wtf
  3. Rise Records Holiday Vinyl

    super stoked on these Bleeding Through releases. can only afford one, so I went w/ self-titled.
  4. [PO] Mogwai – Every Country's Sun

    just saw them in Denver. I didn’t see the ECS box set, but I do remember them not having any L size shirts. glad I got my ticket to see them in Iceland in a couple weeks
  5. my friend got 1st crack at tickets, so she bought six total tickets at $1,300. lower bowl, section closest to the stage. I think I'll end up paying $210 after fees for one ticket.
  6. Discogs for sure. No question. On top of that, I created my own Excel spreadsheet that I keep on OneDrive so I can access it anywhere. I have a second tab to keep track of incoming orders and pre-orders too.
  7. honestly, I should have bought two or three for that reason but I can't front $100+
  8. also, FYE exclusive is back to $34.99. act fast! https://www.fye.com/s/product/4824091/#.WiGYjVWnGHs
  9. the picture disc is available on Taylor's webstore now at $40. preorders made between December 1 thru December 15th come with a free sticker. https://store.taylorswift.com/reputation-vinyl.html
  10. Route One is already sold out, as well as the Jónsi - Frakkur, 2000-2004. already planning on picking a few up at the tables if there are some unclaimed.
  11. picked up the Route One LP /100. I determined that’s the most Sigur Rós release of the four total and I can’t afford $53 records often. apparently these covers are being painted AT THE SHOW. cannot wait to pick this up. will post pics.
  12. for those attending the festival, you can preorder merch items early at a special rate and pick them up at the show. all /100 releases available for order. https://nordurognidur.store-08.com/all-items/