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  1. so stupid. the limited 7" I got with my Norður og Niður Besta package has been selling on Discogs for $200+. wtf
  2. Taylor Swift - 1989 2xLP

    count me as one of those dudes.
  3. Do you have a vinyl only instagram?

    www.instagram.com/thereubins 33% records, 33% working hockey games, and 33% farting on things
  4. no idea if this is worth picking up. gonna wait
  5. Behemoth - Messe Noire (Live)

    that price tag woof. hard pass
  6. thanks for the heads up! going to the LA gig tonight
  7. oh whoops, you're right. forgot it was US
  8. Epitaph’s EU releases must be plagued, since the same thing happened to Every Time I Die’s last record. someone keeps fucking up. oh, also this new Pianos is AOTY.
  9. or any red chord records after too, please
  10. this bitter red track is amazing, are you all nuts? the drumming is next level A+. also, I'd say a track that sounds like it belongs on Blink's s/t record is a win. that album rules.
  11. how are the EU splatters /200 still available on Nuclear Blast? REALLY hoping this isn't an error