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  1. Tankcrimes just threw up a solid purple variant. Shit is getting wild!
  2. necrot is the best death metal band going. can’t wait for this ripper! snagged both color variants early this morning, but they just added another for anyone who missed out.
  3. frickin Blacklisted, always toying with our hearts.
  4. don’t worry guys, RareLimiteds will have these up for sale at unaffordable prices shortly
  5. definitely grabbing Acceptance! that record is damn near perfect
  6. bumping this thread because I need some new vinyl accounts to follow. drop your (@) if you haven’t yet!
  7. you're right. I bought it and I'm annoyed
  8. got mine in on Friday too. looks & sounds awesome. Music on Vinyl always knocks it out of the park. wish they'd license more stuff in my wheelhouse.
  9. at first, I was stoked on that Charli EP. listened on it Spotify and remembered it sucks. guess I'll stay home for RSD?