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  1. Finally! Very excited about this release.
  2. I'm out - sorry all! (Hope I wasn't the last slacker....)
  3. Yah I know, that shipping is not too great...but I couldn't turn down a heart-shaped vinyl! Now I can display it alongside my Father John Misty from RSD.
  4. Very cool heart-shaped vinyl available now! Limited to 500 copies, and comes with a necklace. http://cityandcolour.store-08.com/music/cc080027-city-and-colour-lover-come-back-wasted-love-12-vinyl-si/
  5. Po now: Jon Benjamin; Jazz daredevil

    Haha, yesss....but then I forgot about this for a really good stretch of time.
  6. Po now: Jon Benjamin; Jazz daredevil

    Can't believe this sold out! Was waiting to maybe get it for Christmas and now it's gone.
  7. Got a shipping confirmation for Star Trek II today - wow that was fast!!
  8. Upcoming Hot Topic Releases

    Hey all! Haven't checked in this thread in awhile....is Blink's Enema still getting a repress at some point? Thanks for the help!
  9. I had Avengers, Jurassic Park, Fargo, Back to the Future 2 (Taylor and Durieux) and both SW trilogy sets in my cart at one point or another...I feel accomplished in that, hah! Didn't end up with anything, but congrats to anyone who scored big. There were some wonderful prints available...
  10. It took me forever, but now its counting down.
  11. Add me to the list of giant, bowed boxes full of no packaging. Luckily no damage...but that L just kills me. Stuff like that just kills my opinion of a company. :/
  12. No that was Gallery 1988 I believe....but odds are awesome releases from a few years ago won't be in this drop. This'll be all the leftovers from the previous IN STORE flat sales over the years, plus extras from the last year or so. (My bet at least)