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  1. Got my silver yesterday, spun sides A/B, I think it sounds massive!!
  2. USA: https://younggodrecords.com/collections/frontpage/products/soundtracks-2018 UK: http://mute.com/swans/soundtracks-for-the-blind IT'S HAPPENING!!! The box set will be a limited edition of 4,000 copies worldwide and once sold out will be followed later in 2018 by a gatefold LP version.
  3. defectiveepitaph

    Black Metal Discussion Thread

    Now, there are individuals on the unofficial facebook page defending BOB and the contracts behind these albums. I don't know. I will probably stay away from these regardless. This sucks!
  4. defectiveepitaph

    Black Metal Discussion Thread

    In regards to the Leviathan reissues on Back on Black: Wrest made an official statement on these releases, how they are basically bootlegs done by BOB, CD quality transferred to vinyl. Yeah, that sucks. Here's the full statement:
  5. Hi Melt Silver was sold out on Bandcamp, but it's back up now! https://thebody.bandcamp.com/
  6. defectiveepitaph

    Black Metal Discussion Thread

    @2notepockets I'm fairly certain J.W. is onboard with Monuments. I got First Sublevel from them, took a while to arrive but it's legit. I think they're trying to build some fresh reputation in the community with a huge roster of releases this year. They're offering a lot of cool shit, hopefully it all works out.
  7. defectiveepitaph

    Black Metal Discussion Thread

    I hardly ever buy BOB releases, something about the sources they use to press vinyl seems cheap. I've heard of them doing digital to vinyl, like CD quality shit. Anyway, the only one I wanted is Sublevel. If I do get one, it'll probably be when they get US distribution. @2notepockets is Ascension Monuments planning to reissue Tenth Sublevel?
  8. defectiveepitaph

    Black Metal Discussion Thread

    *Deleted this post due to bootleg quality releases*
  9. The cassette looks amazing. Wish they'd offer a standalone on that.
  10. It's one of those things where you know damn well you don't really need this, but the idea of actually having something this abrasive on your shelf... tempting
  11. https://reverb.com/news/shure-to-discontinue-industry-standard-phono-products-this-summer Sad news. I use the Shure M44-7 cartridge for my turntable, and love it. It's truly one of the best cartridges on the market, has been for many years. I went ahead and ordered a replacement stylus for it, but it seems that most websites are removing their Shure stock quickly since this announcement.
  12. As expected, sold out within the day! This record is so damn good. Judging from how spread out they reissue this album, they always skyrocket in value and possibly won’t be reissued anytime soon. Although, the silver isn’t my favorite color variant. Had to have it though.
  13. No word on the leather jacket. That would be fantastic, but the description right now says standard gatefold. 35 left!
  14. Only 83 left in stock. I suggest y'all get on this if you want it! Seems this album always goes OOP quickly, and likely won't be reissued for another few years.
  15. https://southernlord.com/store/the-bees-made-honey-in-the-lions-skull/ 500 copies on silver vinyl. Ships around the end of May.