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  1. http://abwtb.storenvy.com/products/22238321-krieg-2004-demo One time limited pressing of 100 Pro manufactured cassette tapes polywrapped in a clear norelco box (70 yellow/30 white)
  2. Cheap And Easy Way For Cleaning Vinyl Records

    The microfiber I use is more of a small towel than a cloth. It's not like the things you use to clean eyeglasses or electronics. The vinyl always comes totally dry after a minute or so of drying it off with that. It may also help to have a small fan/hairdryer to go over the album as it becomes dry alternating with the cloth. Certainly playing a wet record would probably cause issues later!
  3. Cheap And Easy Way For Cleaning Vinyl Records

    I just made a new bottle of DIY record cleaning solution last night. Here's my method which I find to work great, and it's what a local (and renowned) record store uses... all of this in a spray bottle. A few drops of Seventh Generation regular dish soap (no scent, that's the brand I use but I've heard regular old Dawn could work). It has 0% dye, no scent, etc. 91% Isopropyl alcohol (just under 25% of the bottle filled) Distilled water filled to the neck of the bottle. Spray onto a soft dish sponge and/or the record, gently wipe around record with the grooves. Pat and wipe dry with a soft microfiber towel. For the needle, I've always used a regular white Magic Eraser and just dropped the needle into it 3 or 4 times.
  4. The Mondo Records Thread - Nostalgia Cash Grab Edition.

    When exactly is the Hellraiser 7" box supposed to ship? Edit: This month, awesome!
  5. It just wouldn't seem as shitty if they would be able to keep one or two variants in stock for a long while, being less limited.
  6. PO: Goblin - SUSPIRIA LP Box Sets

    Synapse Films is taking pre-orders for their long-awaited BR of Suspiria. I would jump on that, assuming it will eventually sell out. Limited to 6,000.
  7. http://www.btf.it/catalogsearch/advanced/result/?name=suspiria&artist=goblin https://pitchfork.com/news/goblins-suspiria-score-gets-40th-anniversary-reissue/ Cinevox and AMS Records are releasing a standard edition and Peacock version box sets out this Halloween (Oct. 31, 2017). Featuring reproductions of the original OST LP, a 10" clear red LP with unpublished and rare tracks, CD and DVD set with original soundtrack bonus tracks and a documentary with Argento and Goblin interviews, and TWO 64-page books (Italian and English) with a Suspiria analysis by Fabio Capuzzo.
  8. Why can't Relapse keep these essential albums in stock? They press super limited editions that sell out before the majority of people get the opportunity to grab one. Even the shirts they release are OOS in most sizes... The cash grab is real.
  9. Waxwork Records Thread

    Been bummed for years about the Halloween 3 OST being so limited and flipping online. That's an absolute must own OST for me, but I refuse to pay so much for it. Sucks that such renowned soundtracks are so limited, doesn't make sense.
  10. The Mondo Records Thread - Nostalgia Cash Grab Edition.

    1,000 of the box. There's about 150 left , been about an hour and a half since release
  11. The Mondo Records Thread - Nostalgia Cash Grab Edition.

    Looks like there are less than 200 left right now. I know it's Mondo, but damn people really jumped on these.
  12. PO: Bell Witch-Mirror Reaper 10/20

    Ugh. all variants sold out Maybe they'll have them on tour? They're coming to Pittsburgh on Halloween.
  13. PO : Death Of Lovers - The Acrobat

    CLEAR is now SOLD OUT
  14. PO : Death Of Lovers - The Acrobat

    https://www.daisrecords.com/search?q=death+of+lovers In for the Clear variant so fast!
  15. The Caretaker / Leyland Kirby thread

    The samples for some of the songs have been the same on stages 1-3, it sounds like each time there's just some different effects on top.