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  1. Can we at least keep it in PM's? Absolutely no reason to derail every thread I post in, it's not fair to the people that aren't a part of the drama.
  2. Post Your Record Storage Area

    Cutest picture ever and I'm hella jealous of that record
  3. 6 lps for £15 !

    can you tell me at least one of the records I'll get?
  4. Post Your Record Storage Area

    keeping the TT out of the kids reach I like it
  5. is this confirmed to happen????
  6. The Hotelier - Goodness

    haha that would be amazing tbh
  7. New Pre-Orders up at Castle Face

    I think her voice is perfect it sounds familiar but I can't quite pin it down.
  8. Post Your Record Storage Area

    I would have made it bigger but I use my laptop a lot, always plugging/unplugging various things.
  9. Post Your Record Storage Area

    that is the cutest little laptop stand ever
  10. In Honor of Food

    brb moving to australia the M&M mc flurry is the best thing at mcdonalds
  11. PO: M83 - Junk

    beck with M83!? my prayers have been answered!
  12. PO: M83 - Junk

    best cover art of 2016!!! I WISH there was a limited variant though.
  13. Anyone Collect Enamel/Button Pins?

    this is perfect! following this thread is the worst possible thing for my wallet right now