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  1. Run outs are different. Gz pressing is us: https://www.discogs.com/Sun-Kil-Moon-Ghosts-Of-The-Great-Highway/release/11559695 Optimal is uk: https://www.discogs.com/Sun-Kil-Moon-Ghosts-Of-The-Great-Highway/release/11440590
  2. So there are 2 pressings of this? One from gz media and one from optimal. Curious now if one sounds better.
  3. If anyone gets a behind the shadow drops and doesn't want it hit me up.
  4. Smashing Pumpkins

    Oh well, I have no interest of seeing them play in a 20k+ arena after all these years. I was hoping they'd start out in midsize venues like Soundgarden did when they got back together and then go to bigger places later on.
  5. another color pressing. Looks to be limited to 1k. only $20 this time so that extra $5 on the original color one must have been for the cd. https://www.temporaryresidence.com/products/trr246?variant=2971394867224
  6. 7" limited to unknown quantities with some jonsi music can be yours for only $53 including shipping to the states. wtf? https://www.fischersund.com/products/sounds-of-fischer update: sold out in minutes once SR's facebook page posted a link to it. apparently people don't think that price is insane? update: They added 200 more to the store once it sold out. so it's not like it is even that limited or special. looks like the place also sells $65 candles so I'm not surprised they sell $35 singles.
  7. Swans Vinyl Reissues

    This was included in today's email announcing a new book of stories for sale on the site: "Soundtracks for the Blind is finished and is in the pipeline. It's taken forever to figure out the packaging and to master it properly. It will be available as a 4xVinyl set, as well as a 3xCD (the 3rd CD is the long out of print Die Tur Ist Zu). Release for Soundtracks will be in May. Die Tur Ist Zu will also be available soon as a limited 3 sided vinyl release, the 4th side being an etched graphic. It will be available for Record Store Day, April 21st in North America (Mute to release at a later date). "
  8. They also released more revery by bonnie billy a couple years back. But supposedly that is the last one they are doing on wax. edit: also just got shipping confirmation from TRL on this so we may be getting them a little early.
  9. A Place To Bury Strangers- Pinned

    They really are great live. I saw them 4 or 5 times back during their first couple of albums until they switched bassists and was always blown away. I imagine they will always be pretty good live as long as Oliver is involved.
  10. Was just going to post that link after i ordered mine. ended up being $20 after shipping. How much was bleep selling them for?
  11. PO: Godflesh- Post Self- Nov 17

    I just finally received my white preorder from Bullmoose a couple weeks ago. So it definitely seems like there was some sort of delay getting these to the states.
  12. From what I have read they just sold the 180 with cds on their website as the rest were going to indie stores.
  13. From their Facebook comments it doesn't sounds like they plan on it.
  14. It's a buck cheaper on BM and they only charge $2.99 for shipping. So since Amazon actually charges me tax and BM does not it ended up the same for me. of course Amazon has free 2 days shipping and BM is media mail but I know who I'd rather give me money to.
  15. Man he's in Buffalo mixing at a studio on the same block as my old apartment and wife's job. Makes me miss that city.