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  1. These Sigur Ros dickmoves are coming and coming...where will this end?
  2. Amenra . Mass VI

    Anybody going to grab one limited live version (if available) for me?
  3. I really hope this isn't going to be the artwork But will order anyways! New APC is always better than no APC!
  4. intheclouds 12 Lathes of Christmas

    My Owel arrived a few days ago...still no refund on shipping costs (came in a regular envelope, max $7 shipping...paid $23)
  5. New A Perfecle Circle 10"

    Was stupid enough to buy one!
  6. Amenra . Mass VI

    Still looking for the blue variant in case someone wants to get rid of theirs
  7. I think I received mine a month ago...
  8. Received it today and was positively surprised that it was sent from the UK...so, no additional taxes! YAY!
  9. Yeah man, great package! Also liked the O‘brother very much! Looking forward to checking their other stuff. Have to check the other stuff! Thanks again for this great package! Don‘t worry about the taxes...was only something like 8€! Nevermind!