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Found 603 results

  1. Pre-orders for the 20th Anniversary limited edition of Ixnay On The Hombre Vinyl will begin tomorrow at 10am PT at www.theoffspringstore.com. The 180g opaque gold vinyl also includes a textured jacket with gold foil print, a matte custom printed sleeve and heavyweight insert printed with gold foil and suitable for framing. Edit: already up on Bullmoose http://www.bullmoose.com/p/26390521/the-offspring-ixnay-on-the-hombre-gold-vinyl-180-g-vinyl
  2. CoinTossRecords 50% off sale

    Starting today everything in the CoinTossRecords store is 50% off. This sale is going on until midnight Nov 27th. There is no code needed. Just buy as much as you want for half the price. Please share and tell your friends. Ends Meet, Drug Control Spirits Killer Shades The Record Collection Blessed Out Of Body DSGNS Venomspitter Edgewise Get A Grip The Bearer This is Hell MindForce Die Faster Sick Symptom www.cointossrecords.com
  3. $16 firm. Had to pre-order a copy of the new album for admission to one of their record store acoustic performances. Album is sealed. Ships from NJ. Media mail is $3. Will ship the next business day after payment's received. US only. PayPal or Venmo will work! PM me for details.
  4. Preorder now. Ships mid-November. RED DONS “GENOCIDE" b/w “LETTERS” 7” Red Dons return with their 10th vinyl release and their first new music since the 2015 LP, "The Dead Hand of Tradition". Now in their 11th year as a band, Red Dons have established a formula of dark, driving punk rock with catchy melodic hooks and the songs on this 7” deliver on that tradition. The 7” will be released in a limited edition of 500 copies with 150 red vinyl copies available only through the band and/or Man In Decline Records. That means only 75 color copies will available through mail-order. PREORDER HERE CLEARANCE SALE We need to make room for new records, so we're again offering massive discounts on our entire store, including: - Man In Decline black vinyl LP's at $5, Man In Decline 7"s at $2.50, and shirts at 50% off. - All distro items 50% off. Sale items up to 90% off. Discount added at checkout. - Does not apply to new arrivals. - Sale ends Sunday (10/29) at midnight. Go here to browse the sale: http://manindecline.limitedrun.com More stuff: http://manindeclinerecords.co https://manindeclinerecords.bandcamp.com https://twitter.com/ManInDecline https://www.instagram.com/manindeclinerecords
  5. Holy shit, new Screaming Females double album! 2xLP is $23 Deluxe 3xLP is $32 Gallery Edition is $150 http://dongiovannirecords.com/releases/screaming-females-all-at-once/
  6. I've been waiting weeks to post this topic. The time has finally come. Single Mothers will release their second LP, Our Pleasure, on Dine Alone Records on June 16th. PO HERE Single Mothers BigCartel PO HERE There is also a bundle that includes a shirt, the Meltdown EP on 12", and a 7" of B-sides. Listen to "Undercover" here. Listen to "Long Distance" here. OUR PLEASURE TRACKLISTING: Undercover High Speed Long Distance A-OK People Are Pets Bile Leash Well Wisher Rollercoaster Bolt Cutters
  7. Hey friends! It's been a while since we've been around these parts but our brand spanking new full length "UNREST" is now available for preorder through a number of places! Here's a gif of the killer artwork and the 4 colors of vinyl! Read more below for where to order, the pressing info, a blurb about the record and the artwork, and where to listen! Pressing Info: Black Vinyl [Pre-order version] - (/65) SOLD OUT Clear with Gold Splatter Vinyl - (/100) SOLD OUT Silver Vinyl - (/200) - https://goo.gl/k864Pw Clear Purple - (200) - https://goo.gl/4kXzwg Black Vinyl - (/450) - https://goo.gl/sHFRPt [USA] - https://goo.gl/4kXzwg [EUROPE] CD Version - https://goo.gl/ndSpei [USA - State of Mind] - https://goo.gl/bZkivi [EUROPE - Useless Pride/Here and Now] CASSETTE Version Black (/50) or Red (/50) Shell [Europe - Ride & Hun] - https://goo.gl/AQKYVF Blue (/25) or Yellow (/25) [USA - Press Gang Records] - https://goo.gl/2QF3Kg ************************************************ It's been a long 12 months of preparation here in our little corner of the world but the time has finally come for our sophomore record, UNREST, to be sent out into the airwaves for all to hear. We spent two weeks in the late spring of 2016 holed up in our practice space in Boston tracking the record ourselves before sending it up to God City Studio in Salem, MA to be mixed by Kurt Ballou. Mastering was handled by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege. Artwork layout/design was handled by Doug Dean from Pittsburgh, PA. UNREST is comprised of 12 songs that collectively push the sonic boundaries of the band outwards in numerous directions while still maintaining a strong foothold on our melodic punk-hardcore roots. The production on the record is a massive leap forward compared to previous releases and it is widely apparent that we took our time trying to get this release right after you give it a listen. UNREST clocks in at 24 minutes and 37 seconds listening time and is packed with everything you'd expect from a follow up to Discontent... hard hitting, no-nonsense, lean punk/hardcore songs that take you on a roller coaster ride of tempos, emotions, and lyrical themes. It's political. It's personal. It's both introspective and a commentary on the surroundings we're submerged into on a daily basis. Overall, it's a collective document for how we view the world we're living in, our designated place in it, and, despite how grim and dismal the outlook may be at this moment, UNREST is a declaration of how we can all work together to make this life better in the present moment and to leave a better world for those yet to come after we're gone. As with all of our previous releases, the packaging for the vinyl release of UNREST is unique and will definitely catch your eye if you have a liking for packaging design and an intricate layout. The LP Jacket is diecut so that the front of the record acts as an empty picture frame, allowing for the lyric insert (a 12x24" double sided full color insert) to be placed into the jacket as one of four 'portraits' on the lyric sheet. Each portrait has a twist on the misrepresentation of the American dream and the things we're taught from a young age to aspire to and value simply because society has dictated as such. For the pre-order version of the LP, the jacket will have a pop up cardboard easel attached so that the album can legitimately be stood up to display as if it was a picture frame. It will also be hand stamped and numbered, out of 65 total copies. ************************************************ Thanks for taking the time to check this out and for supporting us if you decide to pick up a copy. All orders will ship at the end of August before the album's street date of Sept 8th. We will be playing 5 shows on the East Coast (Boston, CT, Philly, DC, RVA) at the end of September so keep an eye out for details about that. You can stream 4 songs off the record now on our bandcamp: https://spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com/album/unrest as well as pre-order the album digitally for only $5! To stay fully up to date with what's going on in our world, follow us on your preferred platform: http://www.facebook.com/spiritsxboston http://www.twitter.com/spiritsxboston http://www.instagram.com/spiritsxboston http://spiritsxboston.tumblr.com/ You can pick up our previous releases from http://www.spiritsxxx.limitedrun.com and download our previous records for FREE from http://www.spiritsxxx.bandcamp.com Phew, that's a lot! If you made it all the way to the bottom of this post you are truly a champion. Last but not least, if you're into the music or anything we're doing please share, repost, retweet, and disseminate at will to help spread the word. We're still doing this in the true DIY fashion and can use all the help we can get. Word! And if you want some close up shots of the records, give this album on imgur a look: http://imgur.com/a/D65ph SPIRITS | XXX http://www.spiritshc.com
  8. https://jimmyfloydhasselbaind.bandcamp.com Never heard of these guys..stumbled across them in the vinyl new releases on Bandcamp. They supposedly have a new EP/7" coming out soon as well.
  9. Hey! Selling the records that came with the pre-order bundles. Records only!! Both sealed. Shipping media mail from NJ. Call it $3 for shipping each. Buy both and I'll knock off a couple of bucks. Counterparts "YNYA" Pink/Gray $17 Hot Water Music "Light it Up" Bone/Olive $14

    MOVING SALE!!! At the end of October I will be moving out to the Portland, OR area and before then I need to get rid of a bunch of stuff. That's where you, dear reader, come in. Tons of stuff up in the store- LPs for $5-8, CDs 10 for $10, LP package deals, 7" package deals, cheap shirts, some old tapes/cassette lots, selling off a few test presses (someone will get a free one in their order too!), and I even managed to dig up some copies of zines I did back in '95 before Hex even began. Cringe worthy. This is running from 9/20-9/30, so get to it. * most of these deals I can only afford to ship within the U.S. so sorry to internationals. http://hexrecords.bigcartel.com/products
  11. The Nils’ story has been described as a “Greek rock ‘n’ roll tragedy.” Forging a following in the mid ’80s with their melancholy punk-driven power-pop sound, the Montreal group became casualties of a record label deal gone bad, before spiralling into black holes of drug addiction and death. Despite languishing in legal limbo and quickly going out of print, The Nils’ 1987 debut album has become a Canadian cult classic, influencing members of Green Day, Hüsker Dü, Sloan, and Superchunk. Now, to celebrate the album’s 30th anniversary, Label Obscura is proud to reissue a deluxe remastered LP, available on 180 gram vinyl for the first time in decades. This edition of The Nils’ classic debut features new artwork from Yorodeo (the visual art collective of Dog Day’s Seth Smith), a gatefold jacket with archival photos, and liner notes by Jack Rabid, editor of New York’s influential music zine The Big Takeover. A series of live performances from the reformed Nils will follow throughout October. Pre-order here : https://labelobscura.bandcamp.com/album/the-nils-the-nils Listen here :
  12. FS: Punk/ Black Metal

    Punk: 12" Me First and the Gimmie Gimmes- Take A Break (GREEN vinyl) Less Than Jake- Sound the Alarm (half clear/trans orange Banquet Exclusive /200) Less Than Jake- Sound the Alarm (orange,cream, black tri color TOUR exclusive /400) Alkaline Trio- Good Mourning (2xLP white marble)- Alkaline Trio- Crimson (180g)- Adicts- All The Young Droogs (white vinyl w/ poster)- MFATGG- Diva (black)- Tiger Army-S/T (green vinyl)- The Briefs- Steal Yer Heart (black vinyl)- Misfits- Land of the Dead 12" single (orange)- Misfits-Land of the Dead 12" single(purple/black streaks Misfits-Twilight of the Dead(purple haze)- Voodoo Glow Skulls-Who is This Is (test press)- Dopamines-S/T(Test Press)- Anti-Flag- Acoustic (RSD clear)-(rupture at top of sleeve) Vaginasore Jr.-This Here Peninsula (purple)- Ex Boyfriends-Disease (green)- Apocalypse Meow- The End is Nigh (white/black marble)- Moral Crux- Pop Culture Assassin (blue/white splatter 4/100)- Billy Bones- The Complexity of Stupidity (red 137/250)- Chris Willard & The Ship Thieves- Canyons (translucent mint)- Dwarves-How To Win Friends....(clear/ sealed) - Bill Bondsmen- Swallowed By The World (black)- The Restarts- Outsider (white red/black splatter)- The Restarts- Sickness of the Mind (yellow)- Furious George-Gets A Record (yellow)- The Unseen- So this is freedom? (Black) The Weirdos- We got the neutron Bomb (colored) Against Me- Eternal Cowboy (black) Abolitionist- It Used to Rain (white vinyl with CD) Raw Power-Tired & Furious (colored RSD) Government Issue- Joy Ride (black) 10" NOFX- hardcore 10" (black) 7" Alkaline Trio- Private Eye (pic disc)- Alkaline Trio- Help Me 7"(black)- Kepi Ghoul- Sleepy Hollow (black) Me First- Go Down Under 2x 7" (black) Toxic Narcotic/The Unseen-Boston's Finest split 7" Minor Threat- First Demo 7"(black) PiL- Public Image 7" (RSD black)- Blood For Blood- Enemy 7" (RSD Greg marble)- Protagonist-States (red/yellow split) NOFX- Orphan Year 7" (black) NOFX-FTK 7"(black) Rancid-Radio 7" (black seem split) The Arrivals/Grabass Charlestons- Razorcake sister series 2x 7" (black)- He Who Cannot Be Named (Dwarves) - Love Doll 7" (green/black splatter)- Off With Their Heads- Fine Tuning the Bender 7" (green/silver splatter)- The Homewreckers/City Mouse- Manic Recession split 7" (lime green)- Black Metal: Tapes: Danzig- II:Lucifuge Wrath- Insane Society Artillery- Terror Squad/Fear of Tomorrow Iron Maiden- Killers Iron Maiden- No Prayer For The Dying CDs: Cannibal Corpse- Bloodthirst Cannibal Corpse- Butchered at Birth Cannibal Corpse- Tomb of the Mutilated Mortician- Zombie Apocalypse Nachtmystium-Silencing Machine Satyricon-s/t Watain- The Wild Hunt Marduk-Serpent Sermon LP: 1349- Revelations of the Black Flame/Works of Fire Forces of Hell (double black vinyl) Abbath-s/t (red vinyl) Bathory- Twilight of the Gods (2007 pic disc) Behemoth- The Satanist (double yellow vinyl SEALED) Besatt- Sacrifice For Satan (black vinyl) BlackDeath- Gift (reverse cover) Black Twilight - Tyrants Of The Southern Lands Balck Witchery- Upheaval of Satanic Might (clear vinyl, limited to /66 copies) Blood of Kingu- Sun In The House of the Scorpion (black vinyl) Darkthrone-Panzerfaust(gray vinyl) Death Wolf-II:Black Armored Death (White vinyl) Denial of God- Death and Beyond (DLP PURPLE vinyl) Gorgoroth- Instinctus Beastialis (pic disc) Gorgoroth-Destroyer (BOB gatefold black vinyl) Krieg- The Isolationist (double black vinyl) Luciation-Manifestation In Unholy Blackness (clear vinyl with patch) Lugubrum Trio- Herval (orange/brown vinyl with patch) Lugubrum Trio-Herval (orang/brownish special edition alternative cover #70/114) Marduk-Frontschwein (silver vinyl) Marduk- World Funeral (black vinyl original pressing) Marduk- Serpent Sermon (black vinyl) Nattefrost-Terrorist:Nekronaut vol.1(black vinyl) Necro Frost- Bloodstorms voktes Over Hytrunghas Dunkle Necrotoner (black vinyl #473/500) Olde-The Gates of Dawn (black vinyl) RECLUSE- Stillbirth in Bethlehem Watain- The Wild Hunt (black vinyl) Witchery- In His Infernal Majesty's Service gold vinyl limited to /100 SEALED V/A Decibel Best Metal of 2012 SEALED (Marduk,Dying Fetus,Testament, Pig Destroyer,etc.) V/A Scott Ian's Metal Underworld SEALED (Carcass,Soulfly,Toxic Holocaust, etc.) 7" Danzg- Devils Angels (purple vinyl) Dark Funeral- Nail Them To the Cross (black vinyl) Dark Funeral- Nail Them To The Cross (blue vinyl) Golden Dawn ‎– Early Obscurity... Part 1 ( autogrphed hand numbered lathe cut. /21 were made) Behemoth: The Devil's Conquistadors book SEALED
  13. I am opening up a brick and mortar store in NYC that will be specializing in collectable, rare and out of print indie / punk / emo / etc.. we're not opening for two months but I am currently looking for collections or valuable rare independent records. the store will be different from other stores in the fact that everything we will carry will be out of print. we will carry test pressings, one of kind items, along with some inexpensive out of print records .. please contact here . thanks. Kristian also for all those who care. we have an instagram set [email protected]
  14. First album on cassette from NEUROSIS. Sounds nothing like what they have become. Very raw, very punk, very fast. Released on Alternative Tentacles. In very good shape. Cassette shell has a crack on the front. $12 + shipping.
  15. not really collecting much anymore so selling like 90% of my collection let me know if you have any questions 7" Basement - Further Sky | Blood Red/Orange /5000 | 1st Press Dads - Pretty Good | White With Red Swirl /300 | 1st Press Dads - Woman EP | White /150 | 1st Press Donovan Wolfington - Scary Stories You Tell in the Dark | Forest Green /150 | 1st Press Dowsing- All I Could Find Was You | Sea Blue /350 | 1st Press The Island of Misfit Toys/Nervous Passenger Split | Black #18/35 | Test Press Joie De Vivre/Prawn Split | Dookie Brown /300 | 1st Press (Count Your Luck Stars Exclusive) Kittyhawk, Rozwell Kid, Two Knights, The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Sundae Bloody Sundae 4-Way Split | Clear Flexi /750 | 1st Press Kittyhawk, Rozwell Kid, Two Knights, The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Sundae Bloody Sundae 4-Way Split | White Flexi 114/250 | 1st Press (Fest Exclusive) Old Gray - Everything I Let Go & The Things I Refuse To | Clear With Grey Haze /100 | 1st Press (UK Pressing) Old Gray/Tiny Moving Parts Split | Black /100 | 1st Press Petal - Scout | Clear Red /500 | 1st Press PVRIS - St. Patrick | Clear #268/500 | 1st Press Save Your Generations Records - The Get Up Kid Tribute Album | Lavender /50 | 1st Press Settler - Dissociation Songs (In the Key of F) | White /100 | 1st Press Single Mothers - Single Mothers | Transparent Gold /1000 | 3rd Press Somos/Sorority Noise - Split | Transparent Blue with Green Splatter /600 | 1st Press (Only available from Somos on tour) Tigers Jaw/The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die/Code Orange Kids/Self Defense Family - 4 Way Split | Red /2000 | 1st Press The Wonder Years - Manton Street | Brick Red /5000 | 1st Press The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Cat Picture Disk | Lathe Cut /200 | 1st Press The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Formlessness | Coke Bottle Clear /1032 | 6th Press The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Mental Health | Lathe W/ Screen Printed B-Side /150 | 1st Press 10" Brave Bird - T-Minus Grand Gesture | White /? | 1st Press Camera Shy - Jack-O-Lantern | Blue/White/Orange Starburst /498 | 1st Press Dikembe, Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate), The Hotel Year, Modern Baseball, Old Gray, Pentimento - 6-Way Split | Halloween Orange /400 | 1st Press Ghost Cat - Cave Sounds | Coke Bottle Clear /175 | 1st Press Park - Jacob The Rabbit | Blood Red w/ Black Haze /100 | 1st Press Pentimento - Inside The Sea | Red /200 | 1st Press Set Your Goals - The Reset Demo | Highlighter Yellow/Electric Blue Splatter /1200 | 1st Press (10 Year Anniversary Edition) Two Knights - A Lot Of Bad Things Happened, But We're Still Here | Black /? | 1st Press 12" A Great Big Pile Of Leaves - Have You Seen My Prefrontal Cortex? | Clear w/ red white blue splatter /50 | 5th Anniversary Show Press alone. - Somewhere in the Sierras | Black /250 | 1st Press Adventures - Supersonic Home | Yellow/Red/Blue /1500 | 1st Press Basement - I Wish I Could Stay Here | Red /500 | 3rd Press Camera Shy - Self Titled | Opaque Red /300 | 1st Press Captain We're Sinking - The Future Is Cancelled | Transparent Gold /500 | 2nd Press Coma Cinema - Posthumous Release | Black /? | 1st Press Crying - Get Olde / Second Wind | Blue /300 | 1st Press Deafheaven - New Bermuda | Translucent Pale Yellow /500 | 1st Deer Leap/The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Are Here To Help You | Black /500 | 3rd Press Donovan Wolfington - Stop Breathing | Mixed Colors /300 | 1st Press Donovan Wolfington - How To Treat The Ones You Love | Clear w/ Yellow Smoke 180g /200 | 1st Press Dowsing - I Don't Even Care Anymore | Bone W/ Pink Splatter /350 | 1st Press Dowsing - It's Still Pretty Terrible | Royal Blue /350 | 2nd Press Droughts/Frameworks/Kittyhawk/Prawn - 4way Split | Pink/Orange Starburst /250 | 1st Press Elvis Depressedly - New Alhambra | Dark Red w/ Orange and Yellow Starburst /500 | 1st Press Flesh Born - Han | Opaque Red /100 | 1st Press The Format - Dog Problems | White 2xLP /? | 2nd Press (Misprinted Etching Foxing - The Albatross | Milky Clear /185 | 2nd Press Foxing - Dealer | Black 180g /500 | 1st Press Frameworks - Loom | Cream /150 | 1st Press Gates - You Are All You Have Left To Fear | Translucent Purple /229 | 1st Press (Pure Noise Exclusive) Have Mercy - The Earth Pushed Back | Gray /500 | 3rd Press Hemingway - Pretend To Care | Grey Marble /100 | 1st Press Joie De Vivre - Summer Months | Babe Blue /182 | 2nd Press Lights - Siberia Acoustic | White /? | 1st Press Man Overboard - Before We Met: A Collection Of Old Songs | White /301 | 2nd Press Man Overboard - Real Talk | Clear Blue /500 | 3rd Press (Hot Topic Exclusive) Mansions - Doom Loop | Green/Black Swirl /1000 | 1st Press Marietta - Summer Death | Cyan Blue w/ Beer Haze /175 | 1st Press mewithoutYou - Pale Horse | Grimace Purple A-Side / Milky Clear B-Side /500 | 1st Press Modern Baseball - You're Gonna Miss It All | Pink/White /1000 | 1st Press Nouns - Still | Clear w/ Pink + Green Splatter 124/177 | 1st Press (Known Pleasure Records Exclusive) Nouns - Still | Coke Bottle Clear 101/170 | 1st Press (Broken World Media Exclusive) Nouns - Still | Pink + White Marble 167/181 | 1st Press (Funeral Sounds Exclusive) Nouns - Still | Black /10 | Test Press Old Gray - An Autobiography | Opaque Yellow /175 | Tour Edition Old Gray - An Autobiography | White /500 | 1st Press Old Gray - Do I Dare Disturb The Universe | Electric Blue w/ Bronze and White Splatter /250 | 1st Press Pentimento - Pentimento | Beige /300 | 1st Press Pianos Become The Teeth - Keep You | Black /? | 1st Press Prawn - Ships | Light Blue Smoke /500 | 4th Press Prawn - You Can Just Leave It All | Grapefruit /500 | 4th Press PVRIS - White Noise | Half Black/Half White /400 | 1st Press Real Friends - Put Yourself Back Together | Opaque Cream /300 | 2nd Press Reservoir - I Heard You As I Walked Away | Blue/White Swirl /100 | 1st Press Secret Plot To Destroy The Entire Universe - I Only Miss You When I Want To | Clear Splatter /117 | 1st Press Shy, Low - Hiraeth | White with Yellow Haze with Purple Splatter /100 | 1st Press Signals Midwest - Light On The Lake | Clear /250 | 1st Press Special Explosion - The Art Of Mothering | Clear W/ Black Smoke /250 | 1st Press Spencer Radcliffe - Looking In | Orange Crush /300 | 1st Press Sport - Bon Voyage | Clear /500 | 1st Press State Champs - The Finer Things | White W/ Orange/Blue Splatter /300 | 1st Press State Faults - Head In The Clouds | Orange w/ Yellow + White Starburst /100 | 1st Press State Faults - Resonate/Desperate | Orange Marble /300 | 1st Press Suis La Lune - Riala | Clear W/ Black Splatter /250 | 2nd Press Tigers Jaw - Charmer | White With Pink Starburst /1500 | 1st Press Tigers Jaw - Tigers Jaw | Red /500 | 4th Press Tiny Moving Parts - Pleasant Living | Black 180g /250 | 1st Press Tiny Moving Parts - This Couch Is Long And Full Of Friendship | Mountain Dew /174 | 1st Press Told Slant - Still Water | Black /500 | 1st Press Two Knights - Shut Up | Black /150 | 1st Press Westkust - Last Forever | Black/White Marble /300 | 1st Press Whirr - Sway | Brown/Bone/Yellow /2100 | 1st Press Whirr/Nothing - Split | Green/Blue/Yellow Starburst /1500 | 1st Press The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Audiotree Live 3.1.2014 | Half White Half Randomly Mixed Vinyl /500 | 1st Press The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Between Bodies | Cream with White, Red, and Black Splatter /500 | 1st Press The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Whenever, If Ever | Hunter Green /1000 | 2nd Press The World Is A Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid To Die - Harmlessness | Violet & White Swirl /500 | 1st Press (Band Exclusive)
  16. I purchased this at a show in Syracuse, NY in 1994 from Very Distro. I see no information from Unbroken-dedicated blogs, discogs, or the New Age Records site regarding pressing info. The New Age Records info is listed on the insert, as well as on the cassette itself. Cassette and insert itself are in great condition. The cassette case/shell has some scratches on it. No idea of the value so I'm EBaying it, which I generally dislike doing, but I guess we will see what others think of it: http://www.ebay.com/itm/UNBROKEN-Life-Love-Regret-cassette-/322727017260?hash=item4b24077b2c:g:nnMAAOSwKFBZszcO
  17. thefrenchkiss.bandcamp.com preorder the record here: nuclearage.bandcamp.com
  18. Cheap records and tape bundles

    We are having a big sale to move out some inventory. We have 4 different packages. 1. 5 LP's for $25 (plus shipping) 2. 10 cd's for $15 (plus shipping) 3. 5 tapes for $10 (plus shipping) 4. 10 7's for $20 (plus shipping) All of these packages will have our releases as well as distributed items. You won't get 2 of the same. You might get 2 different versions of the same release, you might get a test press or a very limited version too. Go to our web store to get these deals. www.cointossrecords.com
  19. Okay, just as a place to have this discussion, here is a thread for the punk rock. As Hipster would say, tr00 punx only...save the Blink, Wonder Years, and Good Charlotte bullshit for their own thread(s). To start off, I have always loved F.Y.P (and anything Todd C. does)...those early tracks are 100% punk rock to me (the samples are so good). http://recessrecords1.bandcamp.com/album/complete-crap
  20. Selling my NOFX collection.

    Hello. Please read the whole thread before you go mad with PM's and offers. I have decided that I’m going to take cash offers on my NOFX records as well as trades. I have loved this collection but its time to give up the NOFX variant game and get some records I would appreciate (and listen to) I do have a want list, but if you still want to trade let me know what you’re after and ill have a look at your record list. I’m getting rid of all my variants, but if you see something you want on my keeper list and make me a good enough offer I may part with them and keep another variant of that record. Shipping will be from the UK I will get postage quotes before I take payment. The shipping will be tracked. You can pay extra if you want it signed for. Please just let me know. My record list is here. http://www.theoldlp.com/users/26178/collection I will try and get back to you ASAP, but I'm very busy and will take offers in the order I get them. All the best, David NOFX TRADE/SALE LIS So here’s the list that didn’t make the cut. 7" NOFX - Self Titled 7" EP, 3rd pressing. Limited to 500 NOFX - Fuck The Kids 7" EP,1996, black wax, (Fat Wreck) NOFX/The Spits - 7" Split EP, 2010, (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Ronnie & Mags 7” EP, 2012, black wax, (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Liza and Louise 7” EP, 1992 repress, Black Wax, Normal size hole (Fat wreck) NOFX - Xmas Has Been X'ed / New Year's Revolution 7" EP. 2012 (Fat Wreck) 12" NOFX - 15 Years Getting Loaded 12" LP, 2006, 2nd pressing, Pink wax limited to 500 copies NOFX - 22 Songs That Weren't Good Enough To Go On Our Other Records 12" LP (Fat wreck) NOFX - Eating lamb 12" LP, 1996, Black Wax, (Epitaph) NOFX - Frisbee 12" LP released in 2009 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - I Heard The Suck Live 12” LP, 1995 , Black wax, (Fat wreck) NOFX - Liberal Animation 12" LP, 1991, Black Wax, (Epitaph) NOFX - Live and Limited double 12" LP. 400 copies. NOFX - Maximum Rocknroll 12” LP, 2006, Grey Marble Wax, Limited to 500 (Mystic) NOFX - Maximum Rocknroll 12” LP, 2008, Blue Wax, Limited to 400 (Mystic) NOFX - Maximum Rocknroll 12” LP, 2008, Clear Wax, Limited to 500 (Mystic) NOFX - Maximum Rocknroll 12” LP, 2008, Orange Wax, Limited to 500 (Mystic) NOFX - Maximum Rocknroll 12” LP, 2008, Purple Wax, Limited to 500 (Mystic) NOFX - Maximum Rocknroll 12” LP, 2013, White Wax, Limited to 500 (Mystic) NOFX - Maximum Rocknroll 12” LP, 2014, Green Wax, Limited to 500 (Mystic) NOFX - Punk In Drublic 12" LP, 2010 repress, Green Wax, limited to 660, (Epitaph/Hot Topic) NOFX - Punk In Drublic 12” LP, 1994, Black wax, (Epitaph) NOFX - Ribbed 12" LP, 2009, Orange Wax, Limited to 500 (Epitaph) NOFX - Ribbed 12" LP, 2010, repress, Translucent red wax, Limited to 500 copies, (Epitaph) NOFX - Ribbed 12” LP, 1991, Original black press. (Epitaph) NOFX - S & M Airlines 12" LP, 1989, Black Wax, (Epitaph) NOFX - Self Entitled 12” LP, 2013, black wax, (Fat Wreck) NOFX - So Long and Thanks For All the Shoes 12” LP, 1997, Black Wax, (Epitaph) NOFX - The 7" club. 12" LP on yellow wax NOFX - The Album 12” LP, 1996, black wax, re-press, (Mystic) NOFX - The Decline 12" EP, 1999, black wax (Fat Wreck) NOFX - The Longest EP 2 x 12” LP, 2010, Black Wax, Limited to 1000 (Fat) NOFX - The Longest Line 12” EP, 1992, Black wax, (Fat wreck) NOFX - They've Actually Gotten Worse Live! Double 12" LP, 2007 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - War on Errorism 12" LP, 2003, Black (Fat Wreck) NOFX - White Trash Two Heebs and a Bean 12” LP, 2014 repress, Yellow wax, limited to 750 (Epitaph) NOFX - White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean 12” LP, 1992, Original Black press, (Epitaph) NOFX - Wolves in wolves Clothing 12” LP, 2013, black wax, (Fat Wreck) NOFX / Rancid -BYO Split Series Volume III -12" LP. 2002, black Wax, green cover (BYO) Box Set NOFX - 30th Anniversary Box set Blue fat version THE KEEPERS - Please read If you want any of these please make the offers good as these are my rarest NOFX records. 7" NOFX - 7” of the Month club 2 x 12” LP, 2013, black wax, 500 copies. (Epitaph) NOFX - 13 stitches 7". 2003, brown wax, limited to 7000 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 01, Yellow wax, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 02, Orange wax, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 03, Cream Wax, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 04, Green translucent wax, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 05, White Wax, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 06, Clear Wax, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 07, Red wax, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 08, Black Wax, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 08, Black Wax, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 09, Blue Wax, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 10, Cranberry wax, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 11, grey wax, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - 7" of the month club No. 12, picture disc, limited to 3000 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - all of me 7" EP pressed on Aqua wax, limited to 8,000 copies (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Coaster/ Frisbee bonus 7" EP, Number 1213 of 1500, Green label (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Cokie the Clown 7" EP, 2009. Green Wax, limited to 903, (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Don't Call Me White 7" EP, 2004, pressed on white wax, limited to 1500 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - F**k the Kids 7" EP, 1996' clear green wax, limited to 500 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Hardcore Covers 7" EP. 2011, Clear black and white splatter wax (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Liza and Louise 7" EP, 1992, light pink wax, limited to 10000 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Louise and liza 7". 1999, purple wax, limited to 10,029 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Louise and Liza 7” EP. 2012, Pink/black wax, 1207 copies, (Fat Wreck) NOFX - My orphan Year 7" EP, 2009. Brown wax, limited to 903. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - My Stepdad's a Cop and My Stepmom's a Domme 2012 Blue/Black wax limited 1007 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - PMRC can suck on this 7". NOFX - Pods and Gods 7" EP, 2000, orange wax and limited to 12000 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Regaining Unconsciousness 7" EP, 2003, Grey Wax, limited to 10237, (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Ronnie & Mags 7" EP 2012 Blue/Grey wax limited to 1008 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Self Titled 7" EP. 1985, original first pressing, limited to 500 (Mystic) NOFX - So What If We're on Mystic! 7" EP 1986, limited to 2000, (Mystic) NOFX - Stoke Extinguisher 7" EP, 2013, Green/pink Wax, (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Surfer 7" EP (Japan earthquake) Orange wax, Limited press (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Timmy The Turtle 7” EP. 2012, Pink/Green wax, 1207 copies, (Fat Wreck) NOFX/The Spits - 7" Split Ep, 2010, White wax, Limited to 1009. (Fat Wreck) 10" NOFX - Hardcore Covers 10" EP. 2011, black and white wax (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Leave it Alone 10" EP 1995 limited to 1000 (Epitaph) 12" NOFX - 22 Songs 12” LP, 2002, Yellow Wax, Limited to 220 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Eating Lamb 12" LP. Re-release. Pink wax, limited to 300. (Epitaph) NOFX - Frisbee 12" LP, 2012 repress, blue wax, limited to 344, (Fat) NOFX - Hardcore Covers 12" Picture disc EP. 2011 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - HOFX 12” LP, 1995, Purple Splatter Wax, Limited to 7300 (Epitaph) NOFX - I Heard They Suck Live 12" LP, 2010 repress, Green wax, limited to 375, (Fat) NOFX - Liberal Animation 12” LP, 2008, yellow Wax, Limited to 750 (Epitaph) NOFX - Maximum Rocknroll 12” LP, 2000, Black Wax, Limited to 500 (Mystic) NOFX - Pump Up The Valuum 12” LP, 2013, Black Wax, Limited to 500 (Epitaph) NOFX - Punk In Drublic 12" LP, 2008 repress, Red wax, Limited to 300 (Epitaph) NOFX - Ribbed 12" LP, 1991, Condom coloured, limited to 500 (Epitaph) NOFX - S & M Airlines 12" LP, 2008, orange wax. limited to 500. (Epitaph) NOFX - Self Entitled 12" LP 2012 Tri-colour wax limited to 1000 (Fat Wreck) NOFX - Self Entitled 12” LP, 2012, clear splattered store edition, Limited to 150 (Fat) NOFX - So Long and Thanks for all the Shoes 12" LP 2008, Pink wax, limited to 300 (Epitaph) NOFX - The Album 12" LP,1988, Green wax, Limited to 250, (Mystic) NOFX - The Album 12" LP,1988, Grey wax, Limited to 250, (Mystic) NOFX - The Decline 12" EP. 2010 repress on yellow wax, limited to 544 copies. (Fat Wreck) NOFX - The Longest EP 2 x 12” LP, 2010, Green + Red Wax, Limited to 343 (Fat) NOFX - The Longest Line EP 12" 1992, white wax, limited to 1,082. (fat Wreck) NOFX - War On Errorism 12" LP, 2003, White Wax, limited to 1027, (Fat) NOFX - White Trash, two Heebs and a Bean 12" LP,2009, white wax, 300 copies. (Epitaph) NOFX - Xmas Has Been X’ed (Store edition) 7” EP, 2013, Red/green & white splatter, Limited to 150 (Fat Wreck) NOFX / Rancid -BYO Split Series Volume III -12" LP. 2002, Green Wax, limited to 500. (BYO) NOFX / Rancid -BYO Split Series Volume III -12" LP. 2002, Orange Wax, limited to 500. (BYO) BOX SETS 30th Anniversary Box set pink 126 inches of nofx box set (Coloured)
  21. https://shop.realgonemusic.com/collections/upcoming/products/fifteen-buzz-lp Great record by 15 finally getting reissued.
  22. Pre-order is up for the debut from The Eradicator, called "The Eradicator". White vinyl, limited to 100. Video also premiered. Check the links below. 2 guys from Direct Hit played on the record. Pre-order links: https://stonewalled.bandcamp.com/ http://stonewalled.storenvy.com/ Video link: http://newnoisemagazine.com/eradicator-squash-man-video/
  23. Tokyo Police Club has released Melon Collie and the Infinite Radness (Parts 1 and 2) for the first time on vinyl on 2x12" transparent blue and yellow vinyl. Each order also comes with an additional 7" flexi disk. Limited to 500 copies. https://www.dinealonestore.com/collections/frontpage/products/melon-collie-and-the-infinite-radness-deluxe Bundle Details: Melon Collie and the Infinite Radness Deluxe 2x12" "All Directions" Clear 7" Flexi (Deluxe Exclusive, Limited to 500) Organic Sugar Baby Watermelon Seed Packet Randomly Inserted 11" Watermelon Beach Balls Vinyl Details: Translucent Blue & Yellow Vinyl (Limited to 500) Screen Printed B-Sides Printed Euro Style Inner Sleeves Printed Lyric Insert Digital Download Card TRACKLISTING: Not My Girl PCH The Ocean Losing You Please Don't Let Me Down My House Awesome Day Hang Your Heart Living Like This Vertigo All Directions (Bonus Track on Bonus 7" Flexi)
  24. Cheap af sale

    Will not ship outside of the U.S. add 4 bucks for shipping. CASSETTES: blink 182 - enema of the state - 8 blink 182 - TOYPAJ - 8 Dum Dum girls - Blissed out (v rare art fag records) - red - 14 here we go magic - a diffrent ship - metallic blue #34/500 - 2 white fang - high expectations - clear 2 MGMT - alien days (rsd exclusive) sealed - 8 batman forever soundtrack - 1 7" 2 - Allison Weiss - making it up - brown2 - Alkaline Trio - help me2 - Best Coast - The only place/storms4- Best Coast/Jeff the brotherhood - pink30- Blink - 182 - lemmings (original press black) 4- Blink- 182 - the came to conquer Uranus ( I have a white, red, purple) take your pick 8- Bloc Party - The prayer8- Bloc Party - I still remember 8- Bloc Party - one more chance8 - Bloc Party - so here we are/ the marshals are dead - grey8 - Bloc Party - The Pioneers - pic disc4 - Dum Dum Girls - bang bang I'm a burnout - blue4 - Dum Dum Girls - Rimbaud Eyes - sealed4 - Foster the people - ruby/ broken jaw - yellow8 - Japandroids - younger us - clear 8 - Japandroids - The house that heaven built - clear 8 - Japandroids - heavenward Grand Prix - clear4- Jeff the brotherhood - dark energy - sealed3 - Johnny Hostile - show me the moon6 - The joy formidable - I don't want to see you like this - pic disc4 - Matt & Kim - Daylight4 - Matt & Kim - Cameras3 - The pains of being pure at heart - Everything with you - Blue3- The pains of being pure at heart - higher then the stars - clear5- Portlandia - dream of the 90s - clear3 - Sexy kids - sisters are forever - pink2 - someone still loves you Boris Yeltsin - puzzle3 - Toro y moi - so many details 6- Transplants - dj, dj - pic disc 5 - the white stripes - hand springs - red 3 - Wild Flag/ mission of Burma split - white3 - Wild Nothing - shadow3 - The XX - Angels/ chained 3 - Veronica falls - Bad feeling 3 - Veronica falls - Teenage 3 - Veronica falls - My heart beats 3- Veronica falls - Waiting for something to happen 3 - Veronica falls - Broken toy 10" 6 - Transplants - Gangsters and Thugs - shaped pic disc 10 - Atmosphere and the Uncluded - RSD pic disc 6 - Kitten - cut it out 8 - Haim - don't save me - White 12" 5 - Candy hearts - the best way to disappear 5 - Candy hearts - everything is amazing and nobodys happy 10 = cat power - you are free 10 - crystal castles ii 8 - dum dum girls - end of daze - clear 8 - dum dum girls - too true - baby blue 6 - bright eyes - every day and every night 2 -branes - perfection condition 10 - brand new - daisy 25 - bon iver -s/t - red 5 - bon iver - blood bank 8 - bleachers - strange desire - clear 4 - big dick - s/t - marble green 6 - au revoire simone - move in spectrums - magenta 5 - After dark 2 - italians do it better - clear 10 - twin shadow - confess - yellow 10 - motion city soundtrack - even if it kills me 8 - diarrhea planet - im rich beyond your wildest dreams - gold 2 - feeding people - s/t 8 - foals - holy fire 5 - frankie rose - interstellar 5 - friends - manifest 10 = gap dream - shine your light - magenta (glow in the dark) 4 - girls names - the new life 4 - girls names - the next life 4 - howler - america give up 5 = jeff the brotherhood - heavy days 10 - joyce manor - cody 5 = king tuff - live at third man 5 - man overboard - before we met.. - tri-spli 4 - m83 - reunion 10 - pinback - information retrieved 4 - rush - fly by night 10 - scott pilgram movie soundtrack 5 - the shins - oh inverted world 6 - the smiths = panic boot 20 - the smiths- rank 10 - speedy ortiz - real hair - orange 6- still corners - strange pleasures - clear 6 - tancred - s/t 10 - veronica falls - covers vol. 2 6 - veronica falls - s/t 30 - veronica falls s/t - blue 6 - the thermals - fucking a 6 - tennis - young and old 6 - teen - the way and color 75 - tegan and sara - vinyl boxset 10 = tegan and sara - heartthrob 40 - Joyful noise 2013 flexi series. never played. clear flexis. in a screen printed wood box. all hand numbered. artists are: birthmark built to spill and helvetia hella here we go magic melvins mike adams at his honest weight monotonix rob crow son lux sufjan stevens and cat martino the sea and cake why
  25. Hey everyone new user and somewhat longtime reader here. I have a few records I'm looking to sell, willing to take reasonable offers so just let me know. Pics available upon request. At the bottom I will insert a link for my Discogs seller profile where I have 100% feedback, hopefully this helps make everyone feel more comfortable buying. Thanks! Jimi Hendrix - Band of Gypsys '08 Capitol reissue NM - $15 SOLD Silversun Pickups - Better Nature black pressing sealed, signed by the band - $65 (I also have the deluxe bundle if anyone is interested in that) Sublime - 40 oz. to Freedom Hot Topic splatter pressing, sealed - $65 Discogs Seler Feedback: https://www.discogs.com/sell/seller_feedback/mrxtreme90