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PO: Foo Fighters - Concrete And Gold

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Is anyone able to help me order a copy? I can't seem to be able to enter a different billing address from my shipping address. I assume that's why my card keeps being declined. Merchbar doesn't even allow me to go back to the shipping address page to make changes... They don't ship direct to Singapore so I had to enter my shipping forwarder's address. 

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5 hours ago, merlecakes said:

How do you cancel through the foo store?  I couldn't figure that out...

I think you'd have to send them an email about it.


Edit:  emailed them earlier today, just got the cancellation and refund (3-5 days).  Funny, I'm pretty sure Firebrand is handling this, which is who royally fucked the Nine Inch Nails stuff.  I couldn't get them to respond in a week's time but I got a quick reply for this.

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6 hours ago, dynabcn said:

One colleague that owns a music magazine has listened to the album. He said that is probably the worst album til date from FF. Probably 'Run' is the only track that can be considered a single in there. We'll see...

I've already heard it, aaaand, it's not that bad, but in comparison, even sonic highways is better

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