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  1. I got a shipping notification yesterday from Flenser for something in the sub-club. I'll report back if that's what it was.
  2. I watched Abigail a few nights ago and it was tons of fun!
  3. Seems really unnecessary, especially considering it's almost entirely in English already.
  4. I liked it quite a bit as well! I watched Immaculate afterward and kind of enjoyed it, even though it wasn't very good. It moves real quick and worked well as the back half of a double feature. I watched Speak No Evil last night and thought it was pretty great! It's an uncomfortable, slow burn.
  5. I never got around to picking up 0:12, nice to finally fill in that gap!
  6. Abul Mogard & Rafael Anton Irisarri collab LP. 2 color variants and black available. https://irisarri.bandcamp.com/album/impossibly-distant-impossibly-close
  7. I'll order whatever ends up at retail. I liked the last couple albums, but they didn't wow me like Push the Sky Away did.
  8. New Couch Slut LP. Guessing this thread makes the most sense https://www.brutalpandarecords.com/products/couch-slut-you-could-do-it-tonight-12-vinyl-lp-pre-order
  9. New Necrot LP. 3 color variants + black. https://tankcrimes.merchtable.com/tankcrimes-music/vinyl/star-necrot-lifeless-birth-vinyl-lp
  10. This is the boat I'm as well. I find a label/band/sub-genre that's new to me pretty regularly and sends me down a wormhole. Old genres that I'd lost interest in pull me back occasionally too. I've shifted my buying habits a bit though. I'm waiting on sales more, buying locally to save on shipping, waiting until there's 2-3 things to order from a label, etc. I'm also skipping $30+ single LPs (for the most part).
  11. A few I really liked from this year that I haven't seen mentioned Chepang - Swatta Nothingness - Supraliminal
  12. I'm planning to see it this weekend, really excited!
  13. I watched It's a Wonderful Knife last night and it was not very good. Fun idea, bad execution.
  14. Relapse's black Friday sale. Lots of $9.99 - $14.99 LPs https://www.relapse.com/pages/black-friday-2023-sale

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