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  1. jonrawks

    Shoegaze/Dream Pop Thread

    I've had a tab open for this since I got the email and keep slacking on ordering it. Going to remedy when I get paid tomorrow.
  2. Was half asleep when I saw the Sacred Bones email and went with the art edition. I've been happy with the last few I've got.
  3. I hope so. My billing is on the 10th apparently, so I'll ride it out until then. 3 movies a month for $10 is fine with me, but when my options are incredibly limited, it's becomes completely worthless.
  4. I think I'm going to cancel toward the end of my billing cycle if the service doesn't level back out. Slenderman is the only movie I have the option to see out of 27 screens near me, haha.
  5. jonrawks

    The official Horror fan topic

    Anyone watching Castle Rock? I watched the first episode yesterday and thought it was kind of uninteresting. Does it get better?
  6. Rad! Even though I have the Dog Days CS, it's nice that they're releasing it on here as opposed to just the new tracks. Also, seeing Miserable on Thursday!
  7. jonrawks

    [PO] Tim Hecker – Konoyo

    I don't think they do.
  8. Unless they get the card situation figured out, I'm kind of fucked. Both the theaters close to me don't do the e-ticketing. Hoping it gets sorted, as there are a few titles I want to see this week.
  9. jonrawks

    The official Horror fan topic

    Ah bummer. I tend to avoid trailers, but I caught this one before The First Purge. Same here. I'd wait until I could watch it at home if it wasn't for MoviePass. I watched Ruin Me today and it wasn't very good. Trying to do too many things and not really executing any of them well.
  10. jonrawks

    The official Horror fan topic

    That and the new Unfriended are the next two I want to see, glad to hear it's worth watching. Stanfield has been great in everything I've seen him in too, he's reason enough to see it.
  11. jonrawks

    New Orleans suggestions?

    Yeah, I am. Definitely one of the better parts of traveling is tracking down new vegan places to eat at. I've got a pretty nice little list going right now.
  12. Yeah, both of my tapes have arrived already.
  13. jonrawks

    Black Metal Discussion Thread

    I'll send you a PM in a few
  14. jonrawks

    The official Horror fan topic

    Also, watched The Endless last night and was not disappointed. Wouldn't say it's quite operating on as high of level as Primer, but it did remind me of Primer quite a bit. Resolution isn't a must see beforehand, it does add to the movie a little though.
  15. jonrawks

    The official Horror fan topic

    You're pretty spot on with that assessment. I liked the original quite a bit, although I think I'm in the minority on that. Not the best home invasion movie, but it's fun. Definitely different from what the sequels became.