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    emokid9963 reacted to ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ in SNL 40   
    I saw that on facebook this morning, I cannot wait to watch waynes world.  
    I loved how they said during weekend update the 11 movies created by SNL characters received 22 thumbs down.  LOL so good.
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    emokid9963 reacted to gmoney in SNL 40   
    Which was hilarious. My wife commented during it that nothing on SNL has come even close to it in the last decade.
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    emokid9963 reacted to brokenworldmedia in PO: Makeshift Shelters - Something So Personal   
    records are in and pre-orders will ship before street date
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    emokid9963 reacted to pizza face in PO: Tyler, The Creator - WOLF   
    Just picked this up used for $17.97... Score
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    emokid9963 reacted to mcrino in Out Now: Invalids - Strengths 2xLP   
    We'll probably do Eunoia too at some point. Double LP pressings are expensive
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    emokid9963 reacted to Ballisticgoat in Out Now: Invalids - Strengths 2xLP   
    From Facebook:

    Important vinyl info! All summarized therebelow (just awful), but Soft Speak Records is printing Strengths to a DOUBLE LP (bc I write long songs bc dumb) vinyl wax pizza sound-disc thing. As a non-profit organization, Mike, the proprietor, asked me where I might like to donate the profits and I offered up our local animal shelter here in Princeton called SAVE (http://www.save-animals.org/).
    Official vinyl release: 24 March 2015
    Get notified when available: http://ow.ly/HZLOo Get reacquainted here: https://invalids.bandcamp.com/album/strengths Get reflexive here: https://www.facebook.com/Invalids/posts/1070755676273106 Get déja vu if u 'souvien' than joke (`::
    Kind of surprised there wasn't a thread for this already, I know I've seen a few other fans of Invalids around here. Hopefully Eunoia gets a pressing soon as well.
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    emokid9963 reacted to mcrino in Out Now: Invalids - Strengths 2xLP   
    PO at noon! Support a good cause and a really cool band, and soft speak records first ever double LP that was really expensive to make ! haha
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    emokid9963 reacted to museummouth in The Mondo Records Thread - You think limited? Will sell fast?   
    I would've guessed you'd like unboxing videos since you never get to see your Mondo stuff since it goes straight to ebay.

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    emokid9963 reacted to Shitty Rambo in PO 12/8: You Blew It! - Pioneer Of Nothing (Jade Tree)   
    Grab me one
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    emokid9963 reacted to blanketburrito in Movies that make you CRY.   
    My Dog Skip
    Dancer in the Dark
    Grave of the Fireflies fucked me up reaaaaal good.
    Forest Gump, when he's reading the letter to Jenny. Ugh.

    Kills me every time.
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    emokid9963 reacted to fartsandwich in Hot topic salvage sale(please read)   
    Here we go kids. I'm only out here for a little bit so PM me and let me know
    The Ataris - anywhere but here
    Pennywise - about time
    Thursday - 5 stories falling
    Bad religion - no code
    Wonder years - the greatest generation
    Get involved! - silk cuts
    Starting line - say it like you mean it
    Heart to heart - dulce
    Pennywise - unknown road
    The Ataris - blue skies
    Royal blood - out of the black EP
    Lawrence arms - metropole
    The Ataris - end is forever
    Bouncing souls - hopeless romantic
    Say anything - Hebrews
    Millencolin - for monkeys
    Silverstein - when broken(beat to shit and back, your call)
    Comeback kid - die knowing
    Architects - lost forever lost together
    Memphis May fire - the hollow
    I am the avalanche - wolverines
    The vandals - peace thru vandalism(lookin rough)
    The mezingers - rented world
    Vanna - void
    Grade - under the radar
    Fireworks - oh common life
    Handguns - life lessons
    Midtown - forget what you know
    Seahaven - reverie lagoon
    Dance gavin dance - royal ocean
    Bad religion - generator
    Penny wise - yesterdays
    Bouncing souls - summer vacation
    Hawthorne heights - if only you were lonely
    For the fallen dreams - heavy hearts
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    emokid9963 reacted to 6heart6breaker6 in American Football Blue Deluxe 2xLP Reissue Lottery   
    My last lottery went well, so I hope this one's a disaster. These are two extra copies of the American Football Deluxe (/300 blue) yadda yadda. Here's the thread to the original information.
    The price of the album will be what I paid plus $5 for shipping, handling, and love costs. If there is an international winner, then we will discuss extra shipping costs. (They were $20 a piece at the show)
    The lotto begins now and ends on...we'll go with 12:00am CST Friday, January 16th (Which is thursday night for some).
    I will be using the mauve cloud "random chooser" generator to enter the names and choose a winner.
    In order to be entered into this lottery, you must submit a response to each of the following questions:
    (1) What was your favorite teenage snack and why? 
    (2) What was your most tear-jerking high school memory?
    Pathetic questions, but for fuck's sake I'm trying to be AF relevant.
    These responses are imperative to be entered into the lottery but DOES NOT affect the chance of winning.

    PM with questions/comments/concerns.
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    emokid9963 reacted to ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ in NFL Discussion   
    the Lions team trolling the Cowboys on twitter is fucking hilarious
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    emokid9963 got a reaction from imaxcowboyx in Everything's Comin' Up Milhouse!   
    "Well basically, I just copied the plant we have now.  Then, I added some fins to lower wind resistance.  And this racing stripe here I feel is pretty sharp."
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    emokid9963 reacted to jhulud in ETR Superfans   
    OK. This is where I am putting my foot down in the name of VC. 
    I am speaking personally now because I have been dragged into this whole mess outside of VC. For some reason and because I know a few of the involved, it has permeated into my personal space media of not only IG but also FB and even email. 
    I am not having any of this. 
    Making threats and sending insulting messages to anyone involved in this, will not be tolerated. You want to be a part of VC? Then at least have the common sense and decency to act like a mature person who can handle conflict and conflict-resolution. 
    I've had situations like this before where someone(s) blurred the line between what happens on VC and on online community and allowed it spill into their personal lives and essentially cause chaos and drag everyone and anyone involved and in the vicinity into it. No way this will happen again, at least not under my watch and especially when I've been unwillingly dragged into it. 
    An attempt was made to maintain some peace and a semblance of decorum in all of this, but it seems that a few have taken it upon themselves to say "fuck that!" and go on their own wild attack spree. To the point where messages and accusations have been made so grossly insulting, that makes me think of even allowing this all to go on at this point. 
    Whatever personal and business "issues" and "legal problems" y'all have with and between yourselves...be it Ross, Patrick, Molder, etc....this NOT the forum for it. This whole public humiliation and airing out dirty laundry is so lame and I will not have it here on VC. This it now Judge Judy. Take that somewhere else please. 
    This thread is being temporarily locked while a discussion is held with affected parties and some details are cleared. It will reopen later. Maybe.
    For the time being. Dudes. It's a Friday night. Go do something more constructive and fun with yourselves. 
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    emokid9963 reacted to runforcover in ETR Superfans   
    Why did all of you support this label until right now if this is all it takes for you turn your back on it? Are you really surprised a label who pretty much only reissues major label crap is doing under the table deals to make more money? They put out KoRn, Dream Theater, and Cartel records, and when they're not licensing from majors, they're paying Drive-Thru, one of the most fucked up labels of all time ran by literal lunatics, their money. Clearly there is nothing 'punk' or 'DIY' about it. It's simply a game of going through lists of records and finding stuff that either hasn't been pressed before, or is out of print, that you think you can sell ~500 copies of, and then talking to people. There is literally no culture or aesthetic. ETR doesn't stand for anything, and that's fine.
    Ross clearly has every right to start and run a company of that nature, but to me, it has nothing to do with what I do or what other indie record labels do. None of this surprises me because of the nature of ETR's business. I honestly don't think most of the stuff you guys are calling him out on isn't ~that~ bad in the grand scheme of things (besides lying about it) but I also understand the witch hunt nature of this message board. If Deathwish or Topshelf or someone did the same thing, I would feel the same way most of you guys do, but that is because it would be completely out of character with how those companies operate. 
    Just sayin' y'all.
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    emokid9963 reacted to Gippej in AMAZON U.S. Vinyl Deals & More Thread   
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    emokid9963 reacted to Family Friendly Rap God in Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor   
    I picked this up for $25 at Best Buy and I wouldn't have paid more. I enjoy it very much it is an AC clone in format.
    I agree with the poster who said that getting swarmed when trying to kill a WarChief is annoying but once you upgrade your weapons, it's pretty easy.
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    emokid9963 reacted to ZeroFourNine in various download codes   
    Yeah, I guess from now on I am going to make people PM for the codes. I didn't think about random jagoffs snatching codes from this thread. Plus, where I am from if someone gives you something, you say thank you.
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    emokid9963 reacted to jhook in Ferguson, and other issues   
    What if the ruling is correct, none of us know what happened.
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    emokid9963 reacted to aflycon in Cartoons thread!   
    If you don't like King of the Hill then get outta here
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    emokid9963 got a reaction from dreamover in Everything's Comin' Up Milhouse!   
    "Well basically, I just copied the plant we have now.  Then, I added some fins to lower wind resistance.  And this racing stripe here I feel is pretty sharp."
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    emokid9963 reacted to icecream in CONFESSIONS   
    There's that word again ! Why are things so heavy in the future ? Is there something wrong with the earth's gravitational pull ?
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    emokid9963 reacted to Family Friendly Rap God in Michael Bublé - "Christmas" colored vinyl (green/red)   
    Idk why I'm yelling. Haha