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  1. I’m in the bootleg shirt game, I did a broken shirt a while ago. My buddy is doing a further down the spiral shirt coming up. Anybody feels like following on stuff we got going on it’s boothammertees on Instagram.
  2. I think the Batman & Robin soundtrack is the only smashing pumpkins I’ll be buying this time.
  3. I love how relapse always does better variants after the first press lol
  4. If we’re on the subject of Manson boots, this is the best shirt EVER!
  5. i have stuff in my cart, took me to paypal, getting ready to finish now it wont load to complete checkout
  6. Can’t find anywhere to listen to it, since I’m on my phone
  7. I’m so fucking happy they’ve started to print shirts on Comfort Colors and not that Gildan slim fit crap.