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  1. I'm pretty sure the Chicago reference is talking about Matt Skiba. I've heard plenty of rumors, as well as confirmed stories from friends. I could see someone viewing Alkaline Trio as "arguably the most popular pop punk band" from this city.
  2. Also available direct from the label, with international shipping: https://thirtysomethingrecords.bigcartel.com/
  3. Another Cherry Tree related question -- apparently my membership lapsed, and I didn't realize. I guess they sent out details about a secret show in Chicago this Friday, would someone mind PM'ing me the details if you got that? I'd be very appreciative. I just re-upped my membership, but not sure they'll send out anything else in regard to it.
  4. I don't understand why all of Candlelight's vinyl is so damn expensive. I really want to grab those Insomnium albums but not for $30-40 per.
  5. Are others still waiting on their record? I haven't received a shipping notification or the record yet, but I imagine they could still just be working through all of the orders.
  6. The last 3-4 albums released on MOV that I've preordered from Bullmoose have followed this same pattern, so I'd feel pretty confident that they will get it in stock. Looks like Amazon is OOS now as well.
  7. I'm guessing your trip out here is long past, since you posted this 2+ months ago -- but I could definitely give you a bunch of recommendations if it somehow hasn't, or if you're making another trip at some point. I also came here to see if anyone would be interested in doing some regional trades? I'm (obviously) in Chicago, and can hook people up with stuff from the Midwest. VC beer exchange should definitely be a thing.
  8. I'm sure if you get in contact with Jonah by whatever means (social media/email), he'd be more than happy to let you switch it out and pay the difference. One of the most humble and genuine people in music -- and extremely approachable.
  9. For some reason, the USPS actually delivered my merchnow order yesterday (Sunday). I gave it a quick spin last night, and it's pretty much exactly what I hoped it'd be. The pressing (transparent purple) was great too -- there is a very slight warp, but it doesn't effect play. Really looking forward to spending some time with this album.
  10. Yep -- you're right. I always mixed up what releases/bands were on those labels way back when, and am still doing it now Pretty similar content, and stupidly similar names. I didn't realize that Vanity was Goodlife too, though. I always thought the picture disc was through Trustkill.
  11. Awesome! The original vinyl pressing of Until the Ink Runs Out was through Goodfellow, and the others were solely Trustkill -- so hopefully that's not the determining factor here, and the others are indeed coming as well.
  12. It's pretty annoying that they're sending just a generic email to anyone who bought anything from this campaign. All I bought was the blu-ray set, and there's absolutely zero mention of any production issue/delay in either email they've sent out about that.
  13. Not sure if you knew, but you can actually grab a copy of the recent release of Sing the Greys from the band's merch store: http://store.warnermusic.com/canvasback/artists/frightened-rabbit/sing-the-greys-limited-edition-orange-vinyl.html Not sure how much longer it will stay in stock.
  14. This album is great. Definitely seems to be flying under the radar. If anything positive could possibly come from Scott's passing, it's that more people may be exposed to his music.

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