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  1. PO NOW: JH1.FS3 - Trials and Tribulations "Comprised of Frederikke Hoffmeier (Puce Mary) and Jesse Sanes (Hoax, Liebestod), JH1.FS3 delineates a more subtle “cinema of the ear”, and a cold approach to reflecting on experience without leveraging tropes or familiarity."
  2. 650 x Black Standard Gram 250 x Neon Violet Standard Gram *Relapse.com Exclusive* 100 x Deep Purple and White Merge with Blood Red Splatter *Relapse.com Exclusive* https://store.relapse.com/item/67770/deep-purple-and-white-merge-with-blood-red-splatter-ltd-to-100?goal=0_37232af94b-ad007b48ee-311775205&mc_cid=ad007b48ee&mc_eid=b152e611a4
  3. defectiveepitaph

    The Mondo Records Thread - Show Posts Anyway?

    Mine is also sort of noisy especially on side A. Let us know if your replacement is better~
  4. defectiveepitaph

    The Mondo Records Thread - Show Posts Anyway?

    Anyone get House on the Edge of the Park? Mine arrived today and has a quick bobbing warp... doesn’t skip but you know how annoying a warp can look. Thinking of asking for a replacement. Also... y’all noticing how GOD DAMN TIGHT these sleeves are getting? Especially for the Halloween soundtracks - it’s like wrestling trying to fit the record back into the sleeve.
  5. defectiveepitaph

    The Caretaker / Leyland Kirby thread

    FUCK! Blue sold out before I could check out. Guess I have to go for black. That 2 out of the set that I have in black :/ oh well
  6. https://www.daisrecords.com/collections/drab-majesty/products/drab-majesty-the-demonstration-cd-lp 5th pressing pre-order up now: Black-in-Red (100), Metallic Red (400), and Clear Red (500)
  7. defectiveepitaph

    The Mondo Records Thread - Show Posts Anyway?

    Mine has been pre-shipment since Aug 22nd...
  8. defectiveepitaph

    Waxwork Records Thread

    Well shit... I guess this will be my 3rd copy of Deep Red on vinyl, then!
  9. defectiveepitaph

    Waxwork Records Thread

    DAMN those look great. I already pre-ordered the Mondo version of Deep Red... wondering if I should still get all 3 of these. I think it's the same expanded music that Mondo is doing?
  10. defectiveepitaph

    The Mondo Records Thread - Show Posts Anyway?

    Halloween 3 up now
  11. defectiveepitaph

    DEAFHEAVEN - Ordinary Corrupt Human Love

    Quick suggestion on the earplugs topic... I wear these ones to every single show (if they're loud enough), and let me tell you, they're great. Everything is clear, but taken down a few notches so it's not painful. Highly suggest them to every concert goer. https://www.amazon.com/Etymotic-ETY-Plugs-Fidelity-Earplugs-Standard/dp/B0015WJQ7A/ref=sr_1_3_s_it?s=hpc&ie=UTF8&qid=1534179545&sr=1-3&keywords=etymotic
  12. defectiveepitaph

    Black Metal Discussion Thread

    Back on the Fallen Empire topic for a sec. I missed out on all 3 Lluvia LPs that they released over the years (was late to the party of listening to that band - fucking great atmospheric metal that you MUST check out.) So then FE was talking about doing a vinyl box set including all 3 albums. I read on the NWN forum that this set would come out whenever FE/Lluvia got around to it. REALLY hoping that actually happens still, because those albums have become must-own material in my book.
  13. @DecayToDeath my LP2 from White1 has a slight warp, haven't spun White2 yet. But yeah, they were both packed pretty tight in one standard LP mailer so I'm assuming that's why. No skips or distortion though.
  14. defectiveepitaph

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    True, the mix might make more sense in the context of the album. Their previous production qualities have worked great in my ears, so I trust them, I've just been thrown off by it sounding kinda like I downloaded them from Limewire. Pixelated was the only word I could think of!
  15. defectiveepitaph

    [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop

    Blue Line Baby is great. I am curious though, these 2 songs sound quite pixelated & washed out on all streaming platforms (youtube too.) Like they're compressed badly or something. Hoping they don't sound that way on the LP...