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  1. Only missing like 2 blues, but oh well. Got this one! Can't believe it's been this long... I remember the first one coming out and thinking "WOW that's gonna take forever."
  2. Sounds like Mac is really "winding down" in recent years. Last album was a big change of pace, slower, acoustic (and probably my least favorite)... this new song sounds similar. I'm trying to avoid using the term "boring," I do love his work (especially the first few releases.) It's just that, this sound isn't what I'd come to MD to hear. I feel like his high energy, chorus/reverb drenched indie sound is what drew most people to him, and it's like he's not into doing that kinda music anymore? P.S. the new single has grown on me a bit. initially I wasn't feeling it much. we'll see how this album turns out, I just don't want This Old Dog 2.
  3. Doubtful. Southern Lord doesn't ever get too crazy with variants.
  4. OCHL is like their "art" record. I don't know how else to describe it. Either way, I enjoy it and the new track.
  5. I love them dearly, and I'll never miss a live show as long as they come near me. But I too wish they'd begin experimenting again. Black One, Monoliths... they're obviously super capable of putting out really dark, interesting stuff.
  6. PO NOW: JH1.FS3 - Trials and Tribulations "Comprised of Frederikke Hoffmeier (Puce Mary) and Jesse Sanes (Hoax, Liebestod), JH1.FS3 delineates a more subtle “cinema of the ear”, and a cold approach to reflecting on experience without leveraging tropes or familiarity."
  7. 650 x Black Standard Gram 250 x Neon Violet Standard Gram *Relapse.com Exclusive* 100 x Deep Purple and White Merge with Blood Red Splatter *Relapse.com Exclusive* https://store.relapse.com/item/67770/deep-purple-and-white-merge-with-blood-red-splatter-ltd-to-100?goal=0_37232af94b-ad007b48ee-311775205&mc_cid=ad007b48ee&mc_eid=b152e611a4
  8. Mine is also sort of noisy especially on side A. Let us know if your replacement is better~
  9. Anyone get House on the Edge of the Park? Mine arrived today and has a quick bobbing warp... doesn’t skip but you know how annoying a warp can look. Thinking of asking for a replacement. Also... y’all noticing how GOD DAMN TIGHT these sleeves are getting? Especially for the Halloween soundtracks - it’s like wrestling trying to fit the record back into the sleeve.
  10. FUCK! Blue sold out before I could check out. Guess I have to go for black. That 2 out of the set that I have in black :/ oh well
  11. https://www.daisrecords.com/collections/drab-majesty/products/drab-majesty-the-demonstration-cd-lp 5th pressing pre-order up now: Black-in-Red (100), Metallic Red (400), and Clear Red (500)
  12. Well shit... I guess this will be my 3rd copy of Deep Red on vinyl, then!
  13. DAMN those look great. I already pre-ordered the Mondo version of Deep Red... wondering if I should still get all 3 of these. I think it's the same expanded music that Mondo is doing?