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  1. New Pharmakon LP from Sacred Bones, "Devour" Not sure exactly where to post this one, but figured it would fit here considering it's extreme nature 😏
  2. Movie is absolutely bonkers. The score during the scene where the elders are completing their "ceremony" on top of that mountain... that was enough to make me want this OST.
  3. Not sure, I haven't ordered yet but I assume it is!
  4. Midsommar OST by The Haxan Cloak is up for preorder now. 180g black vinyl.
  5. Leftovers of the tour variant (gold splatter, ltd to 500) and tour shirts just put up on Bigcartel!!
  6. Here are the exclusive red vinyl editions of the Ulver reissues from Season of Mist EU // USA
  7. I probably missed the memo, but why does Shields insist on keeping this album in limited print? Why not have it available indefinitely, instead of a limited pressing that once sold out, remains mysteriously OOP. Dude spent how much time perfecting the reissue only to have it now gone again, with flippers ruling it's aftermarket sales. And it was only available via their webstore and very few other sources...
  8. Picture disc sounds sub-par when compared to standard colored vinyl anyway. One bonus track wouldn't entice me. Also, I actually like the original pink artwork over the exclusive version.
  9. I saw her open for The Body last year, and it was insane. My fav track off that album is Holy is the Name. Hearing that on record is traumatic enough, but live... it was something else. You could literally feel the presence of sorrow in the room.
  10. Bummer to hear about all the warping. Last LP I got from them that was warped was Tired of Tomorrow by Nothing.
  11. New song for those that missed it. Annnnnnd yeah, it's terrifying.
  12. That clear splatter is the one 🤘 I don't think waiting for a teaser track is necessary, but I'm excited to see how she progresses with this one.
  13. Yeah, I love this one!! It's 3D printed, AND you don't need to put holes in your wall. It mounts with a command strip adhesive, so you can always take it down/move it, just replace the strip.
  14. American Football LP1 - $11.98 Ghost - Popestar - $7.39
  15. My bad, I meant the first press that Flenser did! Totally forgot about the older press from ELHR, oops. But, Flenser did indeed make newer/better cuts after the 2014 editions 🙂 The only thing about the 2014 green press is - there are parts that should definitely be louder (like the drop in I Don't Love.) But yeah, I would love to know about the progression in sound after the 2014 editions too!