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  1. Picture disc sounds sub-par when compared to standard colored vinyl anyway. One bonus track wouldn't entice me. Also, I actually like the original pink artwork over the exclusive version.
  2. I saw her open for The Body last year, and it was insane. My fav track off that album is Holy is the Name. Hearing that on record is traumatic enough, but live... it was something else. You could literally feel the presence of sorrow in the room.
  3. Bummer to hear about all the warping. Last LP I got from them that was warped was Tired of Tomorrow by Nothing.
  4. New song for those that missed it. Annnnnnd yeah, it's terrifying.
  5. That clear splatter is the one 🤘 I don't think waiting for a teaser track is necessary, but I'm excited to see how she progresses with this one.
  6. Yeah, I love this one!! It's 3D printed, AND you don't need to put holes in your wall. It mounts with a command strip adhesive, so you can always take it down/move it, just replace the strip.
  7. American Football LP1 - $11.98 Ghost - Popestar - $7.39
  8. My bad, I meant the first press that Flenser did! Totally forgot about the older press from ELHR, oops. But, Flenser did indeed make newer/better cuts after the 2014 editions 🙂 The only thing about the 2014 green press is - there are parts that should definitely be louder (like the drop in I Don't Love.) But yeah, I would love to know about the progression in sound after the 2014 editions too!
  9. I don't think it's the same pressing as the OG green - as they repressed it on Purple some time after the original run with a brand new cut that is "louder & clearer." (This info is in the description on their site.) So I guess coke is the same as that pressing, not the OG. Either way, I'm curious about both, but not sure if dropping that cash is necessary right now. Decisions!!!??!
  10. Those both look amazing! I got both of the OG presses a few years back. So there's a good chance these will sound better w the new pressing? I have the green OG of Deathconsciousness & thinking about that coke bottle... For Unnatural, I think I'm good w my oxblood first press - yet I'm still tempted on that new splatter 🤤
  11. https://www.turntablelab.com/products/mac-demarco-here-comes-the-cowboy-smoke-colored-vinyl-vinyl-lp 'Smoke' variant from Turntable Lab. They're also carrying the indie exclusive variant.
  12. I like the yellow, but... is it worth $40+ shipping just for a fan....
  13. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WWYYnnIE5M Panzerfaust is a fantastic BM band from Canada. Recently signed to Eisenwald for their new full length. I saw them live last year opening for Uada, they crushed the place! One of the few BM bands to have legitimate stage presence and create a genuinely dark atmosphere. I'm 100% in for this! USA preorders --- EU preorders.
  14. All variants are sold out, except for clear and black. Looks like I'll probably be waiting for another variant to be pressed. Not too interested in black or clear 😞
  15. The Acathexis album is one of the most important/best metal albums of the past few years IMO. The Lubbert Das album on FE was great as well.