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  1. darn didn't make the first 200. what were your guy's order#'s ? I find it hard to believe i didn't make first 200.. enough complaining. this set is AWESOME! well worth the money!
  2. i have a pinstripe variant of destination b-sides that i'd part with. PM me if interested
  3. i dunno, spartan releases in the past that are marketed as "starburst" have all turned out good. I have high hopes
  4. easy enough. in for the "anything" variant and the "breakdown". i could not decide. love this album!
  5. If anyone is interested in a copy of the Old Nick lathe, shoot me an offer
  6. so lowcountry and lucy gray leftovers from tour still have not gone up yet? or maybe i read it wrong and there were ONLY ep copies left after tour?
  7. checked out in haste and then realized i selected the cheapest shipping option and it was not media mail, but first-class mail. I believe first class mail has a weight limit of 14oz? so not sure how this is going to pan out
  8. blue variant is long gone. they had the brown tour variant --merch guy said 1000 were pressed so should be plenty for this tour. I only grabbed 1 copy for myself because we ended up taking BART (public transit) back to the east bay after the concert. sorry all who PMd me!
  9. Are they completely out? Or limiting per date? im seeing them tonight in SF
  10. Saw them in PDX first night of tour. It was amazing! Played a lot from act V and sounded great. grabbed a tour copy for me and my brother. FYI the label on the outside is a little confusing, but upon opening it is the white/blue split. Merch guy said it was /100 but the label does say /500... i wonder if there is another variant for Cloud Clear/Mint Color-in-Color and they just applied that label to the tour press copies by accident?:
  11. thanks!! I didn't realize YC was releasing another album. will check a lot of these out
  12. please list them all. seriously though, cuz I want to make sure I check them all out!
  13. bummer, I had an extra yesterday that I ended up selling to my coworkers friend for cost. hope you get a ticket tonight!
  14. ahhh tempted with the name taken test press.. anyone know if it comes in a standard jacket? or just a blank one?
  15. anyone looking for a copy of the vinyl box set? looking to part with mine (for cost)
  16. Also, Andy played a song that my wife really liked but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I beleive the lyrics were about watching his wife give birth? Anyone know what song this is?

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