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  2. The link only shows the one track...you'll see/hear the other two when you scroll down. Was nice musically, but the vocals ruin it for me...boring voice & bored singing
  3. WOW! I thought this is only going to be released digitally! Awesome. Thanks
  4. Sasan

    VC Secret Santa 2018

    Yep! Really deserved! and thank you for organizing this years SS so shortly!
  5. Totally forgot about a new Mono record. Can’t wait to get this from Pelagic
  6. Sasan

    VC Secret Santa 2018

    Sooo, after getting the letter from customs and explaining them the whole idea of VC Secret Santa (they wanted to see a link ), they forwarded everything without me paying any single penny and I received my package today! First things first: I was SHOCKED by the size of the package and the (to that effect) super-high shipping costs my Secret Santa had! $67 for shipping this beast to Germany! I'm speechless and also sorry that my SS had to pay such a high amount to make me happy...! :-* Here's the package: So, as you can see my Secret Santa is Jared aka @Youinreverse I'm somewhat happy that I didn't have to really find out who my SS was/is, since I'm really bad at guessing and it would only create embarrasing situations After opening the package, I found this letter: Although it's already 2019, I have to say that it wasn't Jared's fault that I've received the package "this late"...rather German customs bureaucracy! They wrote the customs letter on December, 24. Which means the package has been there for around a week...they are so slow! But I'm really happy to have received it at all...also happened that they just returned it to the sender after reading one of my mails NOW we come to the interesting part!!! First record: Efrim Menuck's High Gospel! As a HUGE Godspeed You! Black Emperor I was already going nuts seeing this! I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW HE RELEASED SOMETHING UNDER HIS OWN NAME!?!?!?! WTF?! Really great start! Second record: 65daysofstatic - The Fall of Math It's crazy to say, but I don't own a single 65daysofstatic record at all! Jared was probably wondering what the hell is wrong with me since I have quite a few post-rock records in my collection I do listen to their stuff quite a lot but never thought about buying their records...and can't explain why! I think this is a great start for another great band to enter my record collection and it definitely will not be the last 65dos record! Basically, these two records made me so happy! I didn't expect anything else or more to come...but this was just the start to a sick secret santa package! Third record: The Black Angels - Indigo Meadows I have never heard of them before and just googled them to find out they make Psych Rock! FANTASTIC! I'm really into PsychRock for a few years now and always welcome new bands in that genre! Can't wait to give it a listen!!! Fourth Record (didn't I say this was a huge package?): Holy Sons - Fall of Man Again a band I've never heard of before! Just googled them/him and listened to "The Fact Facer" (first video to show up)! SOUNDS GREAT! Oh man, can't wait to listen to this...has this fantastic mix of singer/songwriter, experimental, indie...so much new music to discover...love it! Fifth record (ridiculous, isn't it?): Subrosa - For this we fought the battle of ages Just look at this beauty! This looks fantastic...so basic! I love these kind of artworks! Again a band that I've never heard of! Regarding discogs it's something in the region of Sludge, Doom & Post-Rock! Sounds exactly like something I'll immediately enjoy!!!.......ahhh that artwork.... Sixth Record (holy hell, so many records...): Efterklang - Piramida I've heard of Efterklang before but never listened to their music at all! But their mix of Post-Rock, Folk & Experimental music will probably be candy in my ears! Can't wait!! SEVENTH RECORD (I really can't believe I'm writing this!!!): The Kills - Ash & Ice Again something I'm not familiar with! The artwork looks promising! Didn't google them and want to surprise myself... WOW, JUST WOW, JARED ( @Youinreverse)!!!! This package has to be the biggest, most generous and thoughtful Secret Santa package that I've ever received!!! I'm still speechless! Not in my wildest dreams would I've ever imagined that someone sends me SEVEN LPs across the ocean! Not only seven random records, but thoughtful selected music from bands that surely fit in my collection and taste!!! Many bands that I've never heard anything of and I cannot wait to give ALL those records a spin, find out about these new bands and maybe put them into my list of favorites! Jared, thank you so so much for this fantastic package and all you effort (time & money) in putting this thing together for me and send it around the globe! Your gifts truly exceeded all my expectations & dreams! I hope you and your family had a fantastic Christmas time with your beloved ones and hope the package you received was only half as nice as the one I got!!! Thanks!
  7. Sasan

    VC Secret Santa 2018

    Hey man, yeah, your guess is right (I‘m probably the only one from Germany participating this year)! and yes, backpackoat ordered the amazon.com records since I didn’t want you to see my name/address on the package in order to retain the „secret“ flavor of the game Really happy you enjoy your package, wasn‘t that easy since we dont listen to the same genre. But your wantlist was a huge help! A friend of mine recommended Slowdive and after scrolling through your collection on Discogs I thought you might like them! Happy I wasn’t wrong! I hope you had a fantastic christmas and a wonderful start into 2019! Let me know if you liked anything on the mixtapes...really only put bands there that I listen to Two days ago I received a letter from German customs that my package is there and I need to show up with an invoice...wrote them a mail and explained everything. Hopefully I’ll have my package by the end of next week the latest.
  8. Wait a bit...Drew will probably find another 100 in his basement and sell it for $100
  9. Really? I thought it was SDOIT
  10. Sasan

    intheclouds 12 Lathes of Christmas

    How I love you 14yo trailer park champions
  11. Sasan

    Stoner/ Doom Metal Discussion Thread

    NICE!!!! Their last release was so mindblowing!!!! edit: OK, just read that it's a Subscription thing and Elder states on their FB that it will have a regular release at a later point of time!