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  1. Nah, guys, totally lost track of all PR-stuff around...I barely have time to listen to music and if I do it’s either old stuff or kids music 🤣
  2. Anybody willing to clear things up for me...what are you talking about when you're comparing Spotlights EP to Holy Fawn EP? Are those bands? EPs from one band? Need some new music.... 😕
  3. 1) yeah, I hate it when labels have different prices only due to the vinyl color 2) would have loved a 2xLP...
  4. Ordered at Stickman! Can't wait for the whole thing... Mixed feelings about the song atm...enjoying the second half way more than the first! Nick sounds somewhat different... Wouldn't have complained about a ROAFW pt.II; but loved their changing styles reg. their back catalogue! So, I'm pretty sure this one will grow!
  5. No, the "Exit in Darkness" 10" EP with A.A. Williams
  6. No, didn't know about the subscriction until reading your message...sounds interesting! ...but the Mono EP was also part of my order.
  7. Received mine two days ago with a few other Pelagic records...I love this band!
  8. That was a damn short hiatus!! 😀 Always ready for new Katatonia!
  9. Oh man, 20€ for a 7“...quite steap, but it’s Vennart, I mean...🤷‍♂️