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  1. I somehow consider all of Max' bands to be Brazilian...
  2. What person had the idea to release a record called „White“ on non-white vinyl?
  3. I seriously doubt that demand is that high nor that sheath is gonna go with a 2k press...nevertheless, I don’t care as long as I snag a copy each!
  4. Ordered deluxe shipping was 15.60 GBP to Germany. Wish the set would include the shirt
  5. I ordered at least 30 times from TMS and only had a problem once. The record / whole package was bend as fuck...not even their fault, but they immediately sent out a replacement record...to Germany! No questions asked!
  6. So he‘s a prick because you’re annoying, anxious about getting ripped and the record was stuck somewhere else...rather sounds like you’re the prick
  7. BTW, when did the change the drummer? Or was it only on this Euro tour?
  8. The thread title would make a perfect Post-Rock band name
  9. Fantastic album! Was a real grower. Hated it first, but now it’s freakin‘ awesome. Only two skippers (Thanks & Delicious), but Rest is Killer!