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  1. Ordered both with longsleeve and shirt. Can’t wait 😍
  2. Hmm, damn...I thought they found the absolute perfect mixture of ambience & riffs on Guidance! Nevertheless, I'm such a fanboy....this will probably become my AOTY anyways!
  3. Nothing on SL Europe...don't even see the FB reissue
  4. Just received my TPSQ record from Denovali after the delay. It sounds superb!
  5. This! I remember listening "In the kitchen" for the first time...and I still like the song! Wish there was a regular 2LP version...
  6. Oh, wow...no, I was not aware of that! Thanks for the heads up!!!
  7. Waiting for a EU variant aka the "reasonable shipping rate"-variant
  8. This thread has quickly turned into a joke...
  9. This thread has quickly turned into a joke...
  10. Anybody here who got the 7" and wants to sell it?
  11. Did anybody snag a copy of PELICAN's 7" that he/she might wanna sell?
  12. Thanks, man. I was told by my record store that it's 49.99€....too expensive for a 2xLP IMO (unless it's PT/SW )
  13. Anybody know how much the Rusty EU-RSD Version went for? My local record store just mailed me that he got one for me but didn't write the price...since he wanted 225€ for the South Park OST, I'm thinking he's probably wanting too much for this one...