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  1. Curious to see what (if) European POs will go up...ordered the splatter nevertheless...
  2. Dunk will also release a new pressing https://dunkrecords.com/products/russian-circles-live-at-dunk-fest-2016-2xlp
  3. Anybody wants to pick up a PELICAN 7" for me? Seems to be a regional release that's not available in Germany...if you're looking for anything limited to Europe, give me a shot and we'll work something out!
  4. Thats deluxe edition is nonsense! Will buy the red one. One of my favorites by Katatonia! thinking about catching them on the short 10year anniversary tour
  5. Do you have a 10% discount code? I'd be more than happy to redeem it for you
  6. Really? It shows 7.50€ for me when I choose USA...around the same as we pay within Germany.
  7. Oh man, 22€ extra for the instrumental version....?
  8. Talking about Rosetta: anybody having the Junius/Rosetta Split on Trans Blue (TMS) and willing to get rid off? Looking for this...
  9. This "definable peak" is exactly what I hate about all this generic PR-shit! After your RC comments you're dead to me!