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    shamrocks got a reaction from mrewest in [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop   
    i was really hoping that wasnt the cover tho
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    shamrocks got a reaction from zdkaiser in [PO] Nothing - Dance On the Blacktop   
    i was really hoping that wasnt the cover tho
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    shamrocks got a reaction from Multiverse in Seriously?   
    i havent seen a pop up yet just a few banner ads. not that bad and i spend enough (free) time on this site that i dont mind letting them push the ads through. just one mans humble opinion
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    shamrocks got a reaction from ps. in (Order Now ) Stroke 9 - Nasty Little Thoughts   
    pulled the trigger
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    shamrocks got a reaction from cemeterytapes in Kickstarter: Freedy Johnston's "This Perfect World" vinyl reissue   
    jesus $40 i mean its a wonderful record and deserves a pressing but what a beating
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    shamrocks got a reaction from curator in The best David Bowie album   
    these are all fine answers but the right one is The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
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    shamrocks got a reaction from aviolentworld in Any Financial Advisors Here?? Help on investing for retirement   
    caveat: not a financial advisor. the markets been pretty volatile the last 2 months and I think most of us believe the unprecedented growth of the last year is due for further correction.
    on face value, lowes doesnt seem like a bad stock, ratios look good, etc. i dont think its a $110 value (not sure why it went up 50% in two months) but then it corrected with the rest of the market in February and then again when the tariff nonsense was announced (also looks like they missed earnings projection right around 3/2). I personally think its very risky to have a large portion of your retirement tied up in a single companies stock, but Lowes seems like a top-half selection as far as stock values go.
    mutual funds are also going to be hit with market corrections, so its very likely your portfolio would have had exactly the same downturn had you been 100% in the growth fund. i just think single companies are risky, but there is no reason why well-run companies with stable profits and a strong market couldnt be a major part of a portfolio.
    also they pay dividends and have some relative Amazon-proofness
    just my thoughts
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    shamrocks got a reaction from dynamitekid in The best David Bowie album   
    these are all fine answers but the right one is The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
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    shamrocks got a reaction from drds89 in PO Now: God Is An Astronaut - Epitaph   
    $41 shipped to US...I went for it to keep the streak alive
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    shamrocks got a reaction from THE_James_Champ in Anyone else looking forward to the Simon & Garfunkel one-step pressing from Mofi?   
    i have to say the vinylcollective posting career of user @puttheneedleontherecord is starting out on the right foot
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    shamrocks got a reaction from puttheneedleontherecord in Anyone else looking forward to the Simon & Garfunkel one-step pressing from Mofi?   
    i have to say the vinylcollective posting career of user @puttheneedleontherecord is starting out on the right foot
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    shamrocks got a reaction from OneThreeOneTwo in PO Now: Decemberists "I'll Be Your Girl"   
    yeah ive seen them there twice before. always fantastic
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    shamrocks got a reaction from anchorclose in PO Now: Decemberists "I'll Be Your Girl"   
    While I think they are all great, The King Is Dead is overlooked, I think
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    shamrocks reacted to MachoHommeRandallSauvage in Where the Grammers at?   
    Yes. There is.
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    shamrocks reacted to jhulud in Where the Grammers at?   
    Search function does work at times: 
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    shamrocks got a reaction from danyc in NEED!! Tears for Fears - Songs from the Big Chair 2014 Steven Wilson Remix   
    yeah i had no idea until i stumbled across it on discogs
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    shamrocks got a reaction from omik11303 in Google Docs vs. Discogs for record collection list   
    if discogs was smart they would let me know which items someone has in their collection are on my wantlist, whether they are for sale or not...i cant look through someones 2000 item collection piece by piece, but if i knew they had 10 things on my list, id be more inclined to buy from them.
    do they not do that because they think it would encourage outside deals?
    maybe they could have the option "offer on these items" or something
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    shamrocks got a reaction from EHughes527 in [PO] Hazy Mountains - Small Hours // Standard & Deluxe 'Wax Mage' Editions / VC Contest Giveaway!   
    wow that was quick added as soon as it popped up checked out with paypal and gone before the confirmation screen.
    dibs if one gets cancelled for overordering
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    shamrocks got a reaction from bear801 in Husker Du - Savage Young Du   
    Shipleys post on the Numero home page is gutwrenching
    Grantzberg Vernon Hart
      MARCH 18, 1961 - SEPTEMBER 13, 2017
    Grant Hart would have loved the aftermath of his own death. Furious text messaging in the middle of the night seeking confirmation and commiseration. Condolences from acquaintances and media outlets who haven’t come out of the woodwork in years. Emails from the Associated Press at 4:45AM. The clamoring for details. When and where? What kind of cancer? He loved to stir the peanut butter. Actively sought the circus, metal or otherwise.
    To know him was to… I’m not sure “love him” is the right choice of words. I had a ton of respect for the guy. I enjoyed his company. I certainly liked him. Is there a word to describe that region between love and like? It’s impossible not to love/like a guy who sends you a Bob Mould diss Someecard at 2:47AM. How can you not love/like someone who insists on a high end sushi restaurant for your first meal together and then promptly orders enough food to cover his next two meals. Grant was tortured for sure, but he had a hell of a lot of fun bringing you in on the joke, even if you were part of the punchline.
    I began chasing him in the summer of 2010. Getting him on the phone was impossible: Call once, hang up, call again hang up. If he wanted to talk, he’d pick up on the third ring. Email was the best way to reach him, his replies speedy and thoughtful. I’d never even been to Minneapolis the first time we met in a dark, closed downtown hotel bar that he’d somehow finagled away for us to meet in. It was August—which in Minnesota means hot and muggy. He suggested a trip to the lake to cool off, and guided my rented P.T. Cruiser through residential twists and turns to a place I would later find out was called Hidden Beach by locals. We stripped down to our underwear and began wading out and were soon neck deep. He turned to me and asked, “Do you know where we are?” And I had no idea. “This is where I shot the cover for New Day Rising.”
    It was one of those moments where you know you’re not the first to experience it, that he’d taken several people out swimming on Cedar Lake while the sun was setting and then used their connection to his past to cement a relationship. But it sure felt special in that moment. That was the real Grant Hart, disarming and masterminding all at once. He green-lit the project shortly after.
    Things began arriving in the mail shortly after, with no rhyme or reason. An original print of the earliest Hüskers promo photo. The slides for Metal Circus. A CD-R of his long-gestating double album The Argument. A gigantic Land Speed Record poster. He was nothing if not generous. Grant came to town to play an under-attended gig at Martyr’s in the dead of winter, his alligator skin boots held together with duct tape barely keeping his feet from frostbite. On our break room table he sketched out what would become the first official Hüsker Dü project in more than 25 years and then asked to be dropped at the train station. A few days later, an email arrived:
    “Great to see you this weekend. It could have been longer, the meal better, etc. But it was good. After recovering from the shock of the news I started to picture how I think the demos record should look. I see a very colorful, optimistic, almost new wave look. I think this will fit well with the material. As a nod to [Terry] Katzman I think calling it Savage Young Dü is good.”
    The next five years moved at a snail’s pace. We somehow managed to get an expanded 2x7” version of their debut single out, but with the band embroiled in a lawsuit the breaks were pumped on anything considered non-essential business. And yet, my relationship with Grant continued in the background. We traded messages every few months, almost always prompted by him. He always asked about my kids and somehow remembered my daughter’s name. “How’s Clementine?” he’d ask. He always called when he came to town, as if I was the only person he knew in Chicago. “I’m down at the train station, come pick me up,” he’d say. When asked why he didn’t give me a little notice on his arrival, he’d reply: “If you don’t know when my next gig is, you’re not paying close enough attention.”
    We didn’t pick the project back up until late 2015. The emails were no longer in ALL CAPS. He was less erratic, more thoughtful. Something was different. I went up to Minneapolis in the spring of 2016 to pick up all the master tapes and files that he’d been threatening to let me take for half a decade, and while sharing a moment in the sun, he turned into me and said, “I’ve got cancer.” But he didn’t dwell. Instead he told me about the two wonderful developments in his life. He’d finally met someone worth staying with and he wanted to marry her. Her name was Brigid. And after many years estranged from his son, the two had reconciled and were speaking regularly. We hugged at parting, his stubbly face scratching my neck. When I got home, this was waiting in my inbox:
    “By the way, I feel very positive about beating this thing in my guts. Your meditations undoubtably help. I have a whole monastery full of Carmelites praying thanks to Brigid's mother, and yes...even doctors.”
    As the box went into development his correspondence increased. “New old material is being discovered every week,” he wrote. “This will continue for the rest of MY life, at least. I insist that we proceed with what we have according to plan and not delay the November release while waiting for any Holy Grails to materialize.”
    The last time I saw Grant was in March of this year. I was in Minneapolis to gather a few more bits and bobs and scheduled time to go to dinner. He wanted pizza and suggested Red’s Savoy in downtown St. Paul. He ordered enough to have leftovers the next day. He was a bit gaunt, but wisecracking and flirting with the waitress all the while. This time we shook hands at the end. He was too weak for a hug. When plans were made to fly out to the Museum of Pop Culture in Seattle to pour through his archives, he wanted to join. But when it came time to go, he suddenly cooled to the idea and withdrew from the project entirely. “Can you get it out before I go?” he asked.
    I’m sorry we failed, Grant. We pushed as hard as we could to get this beast into the wild, but it wasn’t hard enough. You told me several times that you thought the material was subpar, that there were too many photos of Greg Norton, and insisted we change the title at the last moment just to see everyone scramble. And now it’s two months to the release date and everyone is sad and asking a million questions. It’s chaos down here and you’re probably looking down with your arms crossed, a gigantic, mischievous grin running ear to ear. Just a boy living on Heaven Hill.
    —Ken Shipley, September 14, 2017
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    shamrocks got a reaction from EmeryRK in Looking For: A few records.   
    totally...just read "major shot in the dark" and "need to own" and wanted to make sure you knew about those
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    shamrocks got a reaction from Waters in PO: Ringo Deathstarr - Colour Trip/Sparkler REPRESS   
    cant wait for my guitar
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    shamrocks got a reaction from tdogg241 in PO Now: Portugal the Man - Woodstock   
    am i the only one who rides hardest for ITMITC
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    shamrocks got a reaction from 74R in The Vinyl Festival   
    I couldnt click on this thread fast enough. A little disappointing, honestly

oh my wow GIF by ESPN Deportes


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