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    throwgncpr reacted to burninworldrecs in Zola Jesus Live At Roadburn 2018 (digital)   
    Hi, when you say overcharge you are implying we charge too much for postage.
    This is not the case. We charge what it costs us. So you can blame the whole chain of postal services from over here till the US (where you are based I guess) but not us. I'd prefer to ship them to you for free but I can't seem to find any shipper who will do it for that rate.
    Plus there will be a surprise after July 1st: there will be another rise in shipping to the US all across the board. All EU-labels will suffer from this.
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    throwgncpr reacted to zaoza in Zao Re-issues!   
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    throwgncpr reacted to Tommy in Phoebe Bridgers - Punisher - Get Yr Variants Here   
    Just got mine today. It was signed
    “Eat shit - Conor”
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    throwgncpr reacted to daegor in Zao Re-issues!   
    Yeah a podcast mentioned that pre-all else failed stuff was going to be gathered together with some unreleased tracks from that era and released on a vinyl comp.
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    throwgncpr reacted to mattycakes in Zao Re-issues!   
    "When Blood and Fire" please!
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    throwgncpr reacted to pizza face in Zao Re-issues!   
    "if you are into Zao, and vinyl, and old stuff, you MAY want to start tucking some money away. Bunch of stuff coming from multiple directions very soon. 4 things?" - the Facebook of Zao
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    throwgncpr reacted to Tommy in PO Now: Owen - The Avalanche (6/19/2020)   
    ...Also line of the album easily goes to:
    ”Well I cant, have my cake and fuck it too”
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    throwgncpr reacted to Derek™ in PO: Mrs. Piss - Self Surgery   
    Yeah, there’s a sort of try-hard “shock value” to the whole project... not enough to deter me from checking it out or enjoying the music, but just not really my thing from an aesthetic standpoint.
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    throwgncpr reacted to Derek™ in PO (now!) - PG.Lost "Yes I Am"   
    Nah, not especially.  At ~$30 or so, for a 30 minute EP, I get it.  The more I think about it, the more I’m confident that it’ll be the most questionably designed jacket in my collection, I’m pretty sure.  I personally favor the band’s earlier work a lot more than their recent outputs so it felt mandatory on my end, but you best believe I’ll be giving it a shady look anytime I take it off the shelf.
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    throwgncpr reacted to The Butcha in PO (now!) - PG.Lost "Yes I Am"   
    Its made me not want to grab it. Am I crazy for that?
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    throwgncpr got a reaction from copelandkid in The Appleseed Cast - The end of the ring wars Repress !   
    I received mine a couple days ago, and received tracking last week.
    Glad I went with the teal instead of that other gray pukey thing. The package is well done (the spot gloss on the cover is a nice touch), but I'm really not into the vibe of the new artwork and colors. It just feels really off.
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    throwgncpr got a reaction from Derek™ in PO (now!) - PG.Lost "Yes I Am"   
    Still, they could have scanned the handmade CD art and used that. The photo on the cover looks goofy
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    throwgncpr reacted to Derek™ in The Appleseed Cast - The end of the ring wars Repress !   
    It's a good call, especially since there's always going to be someone who needs the "first press" – even if it's a reissue – but I feel like these new colors are way superior.  That coke bottle is too sweet. 
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    throwgncpr reacted to mindovermatter in Mind Over Matter Records Releases Hype Machine Thread - RIGHT NOW: Mystery 7 Inch Box!!!   
    I did actually put a Bad Rabbits 7" in one of them!  I don't have any left of the American Love or Mimi singles, so it was slim pickin's
    Fun fact:  I do have a completely unreleased Bad Rabbits 7" lathe cut featuring a song that I am legally not allowed to sell because of song clearance issues.  Part of the whole Mimi delay fiasco.  Anyhow, I allllllmost stuck one of those in these mystery boxes...but I don't want to get sued either.
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    throwgncpr reacted to timsimmons in PO Soon: Less Than Jake - Anthem & B is for B Sides   
    I think you are in for the wrong reasons if you expect vinyl To “hold value” other than its intrinsic value. 
    I buy records because I want music and I want something tangible. I suspect most are the same.  Usually the argument about value only comes up when something like this happens.
    I’d much rather people get what they want rather than not. So changing the pressing details doesn’t bother me.  “Value” of records just ends up being a dick measuring contest and it’s lame
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    throwgncpr reacted to Derek™ in PO Now: JUNIUS - Eternal Rituals for the Accretion of Light   
    There is no shit-flinging to be had here.  You may need to recalibrate what your definition of that is, as far as internet arguments are concerned.
    The closest thing to that, we have here, is a group of onlookers spectating one delusional chimp trying to fling its shit and defend its territory. 
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    throwgncpr reacted to hyperg1ant in Video Game OSTs v2.0   
    Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
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    throwgncpr reacted to Rip in Official OST and Film Score Thread   
    Invada Records announced that a 3xLP for Devs is coming soon!  Man I can’t wait for that.  Loved the show and the music so much.
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    throwgncpr reacted to kannibal in PO NOW: ELDER - OMENS (out: 04/24/2020)   
    So I’ve listened to the album a couple of times through, and it’s much better than my initial impression of the lead song would have me believe. The music isn’t as dark, but it’s still heavy and driving, with a lot of new ideas that really work well. The vocals aren’t great, but on most of the songs they’re not bad. It’s just the vocals on the pre-release song that I think are bad. If more songs had similar vocals, I think it would hurt the album. Because it’s just one song, I can live with it, especially because the music is so great. Glad I never cancelled. 

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