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PO NOW: Blink 182 - One MoreTime (out 10/20/23)

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PO is up for the new LP: https://blink182merch.com/collections/vinyl


Ships sometime in spring/summer 2023


Four Variants:

-Standard Black

-Mark Variant: Pink Marble

-Tom Variant: Cement Marble

-Travis Variant: Clear & White Marble

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1 minute ago, scottheisel said:

$34 + shipping for a single LP with no firm release date and only 15 seconds of music currently released? The absolute hardest pass.

$37 + shipping and tax. $51 all in. 

I’ve said this many times, but I’m not one to give a shit about climbing prices for records today. But, what the fuck?!

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30 minutes ago, Derek™ said:

2022 vinyl pricing continues to be outrageous.  How are teen girls dropping half a hundo on single LPs?

As a 30-something male teen girl, I have no idea. This is also a HARD pass for me.

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11 minutes ago, Shelby said:

Gotta ask my little sister if that 15 second clip is good later.


Pfft I bet you aren't even 10% of a teen girl

Jokes on you, I once was bitten by a radioactive teen girl. I'm more teen girl than man now. They call me...Teen Girl Man.

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  • andables changed the title to PO NOW: Blink 182 - One MoreTime (out 10/20/23)

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