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  1. I'm ready. Doing Philly, and probably Maryland as well.
  2. I know what tour that is. Get ready to be stoked or go meh as far as the headliner is concerned.
  3. Pretty surreal to finally have this in person. Kind of beyond words at this point. Got it in Friday and still can't really think of what to say. Thanks to everyone who supports the band. Thanks to everyone for being patient. Thanks to everyone who is really digging the tri. And a huge thanks to Joel, Linds, and and the band. I'll post more photos and updates soon. Still got more stuff incoming... Also, they asked me on May 2nd 2016 about choosing a variant. I didn't realize it's been that long. Over 2 years I've been waiting on this. Time flies.
  4. @fizio59 hell yes! They look sick! @pemulisglad you're happy with it! Looks like mine should be here Monday.
  5. Yah, I just hope they're all ok. Exactly this. It honestly came out better than I imagined. And I had high expectations. I chose those colors hoping the tri would blend nice like that. I love how they meld into the next piece like they do. So happy with how they're turning out. Can't wait to get mine in. It's gonna be a little surreal.
  6. Mine was printed the 1st. Hasn't moved yet either. Maybe we'll be getting a letter for the contest? This release is so confusing. Haha. I might cry with you.
  7. @drds89 got his in and it looks amazing!
  8. That's just mental. I think I paid around $50 for mine if I'm remembering correctly. And no, talking to you made me wonder if they're gonna do such a thing. If they do it'll be a 3rd press, which seems plausable. If they do, I hope it's smoother than this whole process has been. And my best guess as to why this is taking so long is that they got the records in, prematurely created shipping labels, had problems shipping off brick and mortar orders, and the individual orders suffered cause of it. No excuse for there absence of communication though. Even the band is annoyed at it. I simple follow-up email would ease a lot of discomfort. I'm fine with waiting; just give me an update.
  9. I feel you on that. They go for a bit. I think usually like $60 on average last time I looked? This repress is a good opportunity to get the FT remaster on the cheap. Makes me wonder if they're gonna do an additional YATC remaster standalone. Hmm. If you ever do see that split go for sale, I highly suggest getting it; it's even prettier in person. Honestly one of my favorite record variants.
  10. No worries. Waving the white vinyl flag. I went a little overboard in my intial followup. But yeah, they do use a floor tom. Haha. Do you have the comp on vinyl? Cause they're using the same plates as that for this remaster. So it'll sound like that; which is good. If not, you're in for a treat hearing it on vinyl.
  11. And miss you, John. Hope you and your lady are doing well! @Ishtar
  12. I'm sorry too. Didn't mean for it to turn into this whole thing. Yah, I'm an asshole, I'm fine with that. Turning it into a mental disorder thing was pretty fucked up though. I was just annoyed over the opinion as fact thing. Sure, I could have handled it nicer and for that I apologise. I think my tone didn't come across well at all cause I honestly was laughing with my original statement. But anyway, yah, my bad.
  13. Did you grab one of these? I can't remember.
  14. Not really. Just find it funny. And I want my damn record already.
  15. Cause you have this 'revelation' a year or two ago and it's completely wrong. If anyone is the jackass it's you. Watch any single live video and you'll see it. Listen to any song and you'll hear it. The funny part of it is you're a 'musician' who made a completely idiotic statement acting like it was fact. You jumped to a dumb conclusion, and got called out. You could have asked, but you think you're so observant and knowledgeable. Just accept you were wrong, and quit whining. I find it funny you're so butthurt. I missed it.