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  1. Does this mean we’re gonna get 50x variants of Tetria and they’ll all be 140g and make my life a living hell to collect them all...
  2. I’m pretty sure it’s a misprinted Test Press sleeve.
  3. Anyone want a misprint of the Sines screen print? I can upload a photo later.
  4. Grabbed Pink, and another Cabot print while I was at it. With my luck a mouse will chew on it and I’ll be out a print. (That’s what happened to my Larcom print, but luckily I was able to get a spare. Thanks, shitty Portland apartment for your mice. Haha.)
  5. I tweeted at them today. Haven’t heard anything yet.
  6. The black variant is now off the Townsend Music page. It has been replaced with the Clear w/ Green Splatter. From the looks of it, and some insight, I believe all of these are getting pressed via PP, will all have the same bar code and label (TC), while White gets sent off to EU/UK for distro through various shops / online retailers, the rest will be sent off to TC, Newbury Comics, and brick and mortar stores. The White might have a different bar code and label on the back, but I'm inclined to think not since the few places I've seen the White variant pop up are just shops, and not a label like BSM or Hobbledehoy. But only time will tell.
  7. I think my favorite set was Seattle in 2015. @The Butcha was there with me. I feel like Portland the night before or so was good, but I don't remember the exact set. Trying to remember all the shows I've been to, but it's tough. I know I'm missing some, but they all blend over the years. Especially after seeing them in 8 or more states. Haha. Seattle Darkfield Echo and Abyss Of Foam and Wave Rioseco The Dove ASA Halls of the Summer Gone In Bloom and Bough Arcs of Command Loft Fire Made Flesh Sycamore My dream set is improbable, so I tend not to think "I wish they played 'this' or 'that'" any time I see them, and just enjoy what they play cause it's always good.