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  1. Caspian Dust and Disquiet, On Circles, and Waking Season test presses. Triple Crown test presses are always a pain to get a hold of. I have the one for Hymn. Really that’s all I need to have a complete including test presses Caspian collection. Not too stressed about it though. Was hoping TC would put up some recently. Also, Texas Is The Reason’s Do You Know Who You Are? on white vinyl /92.
  2. I have the HT swamp one if you wanna make an offer.
  3. I’m just letting you know the pressing quality is bad. I wasn’t saying RTJ as a band sounds like garbage. It’s been reported that the pressing has lots of noise.
  4. To my surprise it is clear w. splatter. $15.29 through Best Buy. Says it’s sold out now though. https://m.imgur.com/swcmjoc
  5. Here’s the VMP Continuum turquoise. https://www.vinylmeplease.com/products/john-mayer-continuum
  6. Oh man, that’s so nice of you! I’d love to spin that sound on vinyl. I sent the link to some of my musician friends and they’re all digging it.
  7. I’d get the GIAA - AIVAIB remaster if it wasn’t $25 to ship it. https://god-is-an-astronaut.bandcamp.com/album/all-is-violent-all-is-bright Also, Gifts From Enola - From Fathoms got a Dunk pressing. So that’s pretty cool. https://dunkrecords.com/collections/dunk-records-on-vinyl/products/gifts-from-enola-from-fathoms-lp
  8. Gave it a listen. Really interesting surfy, atmospheric, punky instrumental music. I dig it. Well done.
  9. Doesn’t say, but I’m assuming so. I’ll let ya know when it gets in.
  10. Best Buy had it in stock for $15, and I had a $5 credit. Plus it was free shipping. So got it for like $11. Couldn’t say no.
  11. I would be amazed and jealous if you got a hold of that 320 copy. I’ve been waiting for the day they repress it. Could be waiting forever, who knows. Would love to see it get repressed. Good luck!