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  1. Exactly. They are playing Richmond in May. Probably gonna have to go see them. And yah, it isn't so out of left field to where I'm worried about not liking the whole album. Agreed, I'm sure it will deliver.
  2. That would be pretty impressive to see. And I'm a little mixed on it as well. The vocals threw me a bit. Maybe I just need to get used to them. The long instrumental parts are great though. Really good flow.
  3. I wish, my dude. I'm seeing them in DC and Richmond, and did LA already.
  4. Yah I'm curious if you paid charity price or somehow got GA pricing. I got seats, but I am seeing them in DC which I'm sure will have a special energy.
  5. I knew this was going to bad, but, man, that was really fucking bad. I didn't recognize anything actually Green Day on it. A complete lack of direction. If I ever hear it again it'll be too soon.
  6. A second DC show was announced. I got two tickets in section 100. Not horrible. $150 after fees each.
  7. I tried PA just to see what was left and there were two section 200s for $525. Jesus Christ.
  8. My venue was $125 but by the time I got through the queue of 4,600 for DC all the decent seats and standing were gone. Not paying for nose bleeds.
  9. "Since the announcement of our tour, scalpers and broker sites have been listing fake tickets for RATM. We want to do everything we can to protect our fans from predatory scalping and, at the same time, raise a substantial amount of money for charities and activist organizations we support in each city. At many concerts, up to 50% of the seating is scooped up by scalpers and then resold to fans at much higher fees. We are doing everything we can to protect 90% of the RATM tickets from scalpers, and then WE are holding in reserve 10% of the seating (random seats throughout each venue) to sell at a higher ticket price (but low enough to undercut the scalpers). We will donate 100% OF THE MONEY over the fees and base ticket price to charities and activist organizations IN EACH CITY. We are confident this will help many more fans get tickets at face value and put a big dent in the aftermarket gouging. WE HATE SCALPING AS MUCH AS YOU DO and will continue to try to find ways to combat it. Additionally, we are donating all profits from our first three shows to immigrants' rights organizations and will be supporting multiple charities and activist organizations throughout the tour." Given that, I'm a little more hopeful, and I'll pay a little more for my ticket too.
  10. Congrats! How are you liking the A12 and the 70ps?
  11. If you're ready to "throw down", save up and get a good set up. What's your budget? Let's just say it's $1000. (Also, I remember doing this years ago, but here we go again with updated stuff.) Turntables: AT LP120 w/ AT-VM95E | $250 Orbit Basic w/ Grado Blue Red w/ Cue | $274 Orbit Basic w/ Ortofon 2M Red w/ Cue | $294 Music Hall MMF 1.3 w/ AT3600L | $295 Orbit Basic w/ Ortofon 2M Blue w/ Cue | $430 * Don't skimp on the cart. Preamps: Pro-Ject Phono Box | MM | $79.99 Pluto Preamp | MM | $89.99 Pro-ject Phono Box DC | MM & MC | $99.99 Schitt Mani | MM & MC | $129.99 (If you want to get one) Amps: Audioengine N22 | 22w x 2 | $199 Cambridge Audio AXA35 | 35w x 2 | $349 Yamaha A-S301 | 60w x 2 | $349 Speakers: Jamos S 803 | $228.99 Q Acoustics 3020 | $229.99 Klipsch R-41M | $229.00 Audioengine P4 | $249.99 Klipsch R-51M | $289.00 Definitive Technology ProMonitor 800 | $359.99 Klipsch RP-500M | $383.99 Definitive Technology ProMonitor 1000 | $499.99 *Spend a good chunk of your budget here. I would highly suggest you go to a hi-fi shop the listen to speakers. I started with cheap Polks, and eventually wanted to upgrade. I went to the shop having a leaning towards Klipsch. I brought a handful of records of various genres, played them, and the Def Techs easily won me over. They could have everything I listened to and sounded great. Klipsch were great, but more so in the rock area. I'd say cart and speakers play the biggest part. Just don't get a crap table with a crap cart. Spend around $250-300 to get a solid table, with a solid cart, and upgrade the cart after you wear that first one out. That Staton is a budget DJ table. Take all the move you've saved using that for a decade and invest in a nice table. All those nice post rock records you have deserve it. I know you've spent $80 or more on a single record. You can, and should, focus more of that money into the table. Just some advice. I have upgraded my table once, my cart three times (every time once has spun its life, I upgrade to the next tier), my amp three times (mostly due to technology changing and doing home theater - I still have one of them as a back up), my speakers once (and added the Klipsch towers as home theater), and never my pre amp, over about 10 years. You can always do open box, search used online / in store, etc. and pinch a few more pennies. But seriously, for speakers, go listen in person. Don't blind buy or go just on reviews. One person loving it for their taste doesn't mean you will.