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Lucero Live From Atlanta 4xLP

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Great tracklist too


Disc: 1

1. I Can Get Us Out Of Here

2. On My Way Downtown

3. Nights Like These

4. Sounds of the City

5. I'll Just Fall

6. Union Pacific Line

7. Sweet Little Thing

8. Slow Dancing


Disc: 2

1. Women & Work

2. Raising Hell

3. Texas & Tennessee

4. Breathless Love

5. Goodbye Again

6. Juniper

7. Tonight Ain't Gonna Be Good

8. My Best Girl


Disc: 3

1. Like Lightning

2. Summer Song

3. It Gets The Worst At Night

4. That Much Further West

5. Mom

6. The War 7. All Sewn up


Disc: 4

1. What Else Would You Have Me Be

2. Tears Don't Matter Much

3. Drink Til We're Gone

4. Rick's Boogie

5. Bastard's Lullaby

6. It May Be Too Late

7. A Dangerous Thing

8. The Last Song

9. Fistful of Tears


too bad Hold Fast isn't on it, but Ben hates playing it.

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Thanks for the link.


I wonder if Amazon will include AutoRip with this, assuming it doesn't come with a download code.


$34.46, just missed the free shipping. Haha.

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Of course my first reaction to seeing that pretty awesome tracklist is "Juniper!?!?  Damnit all."  Just how I'm wired, I guess.  


I too will probably wait for the non-bundle version.  


My reaction as well.  Of all the Lucero songs, that is my least favorite and gets skipped even on vinyl. With some classics left off, I was disappointed that this track was added.




I get that its the Atlanta bundle, but some "normal" Lucero stuff would make the bundles a bit more worthy of purchase in my opinion. 


Also agree with this.  I don't care for the design of the shirt or the poster.  Their regular designs are usually great!


Now that that the negative is out of the way, I'm going the Amazon route.  (Thanks for the link btw.)  I'm stoked for this release and the price is extremely reasonable especially with Amazon Prime.  

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Yeah, I got it today and I spun it with my wife and 1 year old.  Makes me wish I was at that show!  Typical Lucero, they start out kind of slow and by the end, they are killing it!  Something about this band, hearing a live performance and I can't help but drink.  Now it's an early Tuesday night and I'm faded with work approaching early tomorrow.   Wait until the weekend to listen to it, haha! 


Yeah, packaging and vinyl sound great.  They really did it up with this release!  Price point was excellent for this quality!

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I picked this up at Bull Moose in Salem, NH for $33.  Not bad for a 4xLP!  That's even slightly cheaper than the Lucero store was charging.  I dig it (could definitely do without Juniper and with Chain Link Fence though).


Anyways, off-topic, but I'm just giving now giving 1372 Overton Park my first spin and...it sounds terrible.  The vocal track is all muddy and low.  Drums too.  Anyone else experience this?  To my untrained ears, I think this is easily the worst sounding record I've heard - and I have some of the Green Day and Misfits represses that everyone seems to hate.  

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