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The Mark Kozelek/Sun Kil Moon/Red House Painters thread

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Add a shit ton to your cart and it will give you the remaining number available....looks like they added more because it was at 126 before I bought one, now few hours later its at 130 ....

I tried this trick this morning and it said there were only 80 copies left. Get on this as soon as you can when you wake up, east coast!

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Just in case others are in the same boat: I tried to cancel my order of "Live at Biko" at Luna Music, but apparently they're just about to ship, so they won't cancel. They did offer to take a full return once the LP arrives, though. Since that will probably be more trouble than it's worth, chances are I'll have an extra copy to unload; I'll post about it in this thread when I'm 1000% sure.


Does anyone else feel like, for some reason, that the demand for "Live at Biko" isn't nearly as high as it has been for other Koz releases? 24 hours later, there are still plenty of copies left at Caldo Verde.

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