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PO Now: Every Time I Die- Low Teens [9/23/16]

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I'm questioning this ETID & Beartooth tour.  Long ago I signed up an account on (I believe it's called) songkick.com, a website with great intentions, emailing you when an artist you're interested in announces a show near you.  But I really don't like it overall, don't use it anymore, but anyways without going into further irrelevant detail about that, I got an email from them about ETID & Beartooth coming to Minneapolis on October 4th on The Aggressive Tour (the name of Beartooth's new album).  Since then, the venue has announced the show, but there's no word anywhere about ETID being there.  It's on their website, and the tickets are on sale, so.  It would be my assumption they're not on this tour.

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14 minutes ago, mossy said:

Can't attach the image because im

on my phone, but when I looked at the ticket master website they were written as support.  Also Etid shared an event page of them playing one of the bear tooth shows which I assume was posted early by mistake. 

Here ya go. http://www.livenation.com/events/579828-oct-19-2016-the-noise-presents-beartooth-the-aggressive-tour


Really don't want to sit through Fit For A King just to watch Old Wounds and ETID

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