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Rocktober Rhino Records Campaign

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So this hasn't been officially announced yet but Bullmoose already has listed this year's Rocktober 2017 campaign releases. Personally I think this year's has some very interesting stuff. Better than last year's at least.  I've added links to each respective album posted. Some have already been mentioned here on the boards, like the Candlebox/Lucy reissue.

Here's this year's listing so far(According to Bullmoose):


T. Rex Electric Warrior

Nickelback  The State

Nickelback  Dark Horse

Nickelback  Here & Now

Hard Rock Heretics
ROCKtober 2017 Exclusive

Heavy Metal Soundtrack

Velvet Underground Loaded
Color Vinyl

Alice Cooper Special Forces
White Vinyl

ZZ Top ZZ Top's First Album

Testament The Legacy
Green Vinyl

Skid Row B-Side Ourselves

Alice Cooper Pretties For You
Red Vinyl

Faces Ooh La La
Color vinyl

Loudness Thunder In The East
Red Vinyl

Frehley, Ace Frehley's Comet
Blue/White Marble Vinyl

Jane's Addiction Nothing's Shocking (clear vinyl)

Chicago  Chicago Presents: The Innovative Guitar of Terry K

Candlebox Lucy/Candlebox (Black/Clear Marble Vinyl)
includes both albums

Wayne's World Original Soundtrack
2LP Pink & Blue Vinyl

Dr. Feelgood Lee Brilleaux: Rock 'N' Roll Gentleman
180 Gram Vinyl

Cradle of Filth V EMPIRE (Or Dark Faerytales In Phallustien)
Ltd, Picture Disc

H.I.M. Love Metal
Limited Edition, Picture Disc

Thin Lizzy Live & Dangerous
2 LP, Translucent Red Vinyl

H.I.M. Razorblade Romance
Limited Edition, Picture Disc

Grateful Dead The Best Of The Grateful Dead Vol. 2: 1977-1989

Alice Cooper Love It To Death
Black/White Vinyl

H.I.M. Deep Shadows & Brilliant Highlights
Limited Edition, Picture Disc

H.I.M. Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666
Limited Edition, Picture Disc

Cradle of Filth The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh
Limited Edition, Blood Splatter 2-LP


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I'm personally very interested in some of the hard rock and metal selections like the Testament, Loudness and Thin Lizzy the 90s stuff like the Jane's Addiction and the Candlebox. That Wayne's World already came out via UO. Not sure why that's an exclusive. Also kinda wondering what that Hard Rock Heretics is all about.

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38 minutes ago, throughbeingcruel said:

I got an OG Heavy Metal OST from a flea market for like $2. Too bad they aren't pressing any other old Cradle of Filth. I'm mainly a fan of Dusk through Nymphetamine, Damnation and a Day being my favorite. 

If that Heavy Metal Soundtrack is in a colored variant it's mine. I also found a pristine Og for about six bucks a few years back

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11 hours ago, rsholtis said:

I just got Candlebox in the mail yesterday. Plays pretty well. It has a Rocktober sticker on it, so not sure exactly why is was not on Rhino blog or whatever. Same as it was in 1995, 2xLP split with both albums. Now, I would not mind seeing Happy Pills on vinyl.

Nice that's what I'm getting on Thursday. Already received Testament The Legacy on green and Loudness Thunder In The East on red and Jane's Addiction Nothing's Shocking on clear. Now if I'm still interested(money) I'm gonna go for Heavy Metal Soundtrack, Skid Row and Ace Frehley on blue...

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13 hours ago, VinylMario said:

Nice that's what I'm getting on Thursday. Already received Testament The Legacy on green and Loudness Thunder In The East on red and Jane's Addiction Nothing's Shocking on clear. Now if I'm still interested(money) I'm gonna go for Heavy Metal Soundtrack, Skid Row and Ace Frehley on blue...

Let me know how that Jane's Addiction pressing is! Was close to pulling the trigger on it.

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5 hours ago, rsholtis said:

Let me know how that Jane's Addiction pressing is! Was close to pulling the trigger on it.

Gonna be cleaning some records soon. Haven't gotten to hear it yet. Prolly about 20 records that need to be cleaned. I'll let you know tho. But from what dusted by space says, I'm convinced I won't be disappointed...

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2 hours ago, VinylMario said:

Bullmoose has the Rhino Rocktober 2018 campaign up for preorder. Titles included in this years campaign include the rest of Dio's catalog on colored vinyl, Sevendust's "Alpha" thru "All I See Is War", Saxon and the DEVILDRIVER CATALOG!

Bullmoose Rhino Rocktober 2018 Campaign

So dang thankful for TDWP repress.

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