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PO Now: The Story so Far - Out of It 7"

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Available right now.




Pressing Info:
500 (PN Webstore Exclusive) - Grimace Purple / Mustard Yellow ASide/BSide
1050 (Tour Exclusive) - Half Electric Blue / Half White

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2 hours ago, raynerho said:

Anyone got a refund on their order? I ordered it 20 mins after it went up so I dont think it's a stock issue. Checked order status on Merchnow and it doesnt state cancelled. Weird....

Sounds like a Merchnow thing for Merchnow to do to you and everyone else.

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To all those who ordered from merchnow, I just received this email. 



Hello There,


We would like to thank you for your purchase of the The Story So Far - Out Of It Grimace Purple/Mustard Yellow - 7" Vinyl


These items were originally scheduled to be shipped near the beginning of this month but unfortunately we have not received the 7" from the manufacturer. We've been in contact with Pure Noise and have been told that those will be shipping to us near 11.14 and orders will be shipping closer to the end of the month once the vinyl has been delivered. 


Once these items arrive to our facilities all orders will be immediately shipped and you will receive tracking via email!


If you have any questions, or need to update your address/information on the order.

Please email us at [email protected] with your order number & information regarding the changes you need made.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.


-Merchnow Staff & Pure Noise Records 


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On 11/22/2017 at 6:20 PM, [Banned User] said:

Hoping that lasts until Friday. Banking on some merch now Black Friday deals and would love to bundle it all for shipping and whatnot. 

you should be good. looks like theres over 800 up right now. 

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