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PO Now: A Skylit Drive - "Rise"

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I've been waiting for this album to get pressed since the day it came out. And the day is FINALLY HERE!!

White & Blue Splatter /100

Clear & Black Splatter /100

Random Colored Vinyl /100


Unfortunately, they're only available in bundles though. The random color is the cheapest.

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12 hours ago, pizza face said:

The prices include a shirt and whatever else is bundled with it. Unless you get the random color one it won't have that extra stuff

I feel them though. Even with the random color, they're basically making you pay $7 for a poster in shipping fees. Without the poster, shipping would be around $3.12 via media mail.

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On 12/21/2017 at 2:01 AM, FlippingOut said:

Not really? I don’t think they have a vocalist right?

The whole band is kaput.

Singer kept postponing tours to be with his daughter, rest of band got fed up and made an announcement that singer has been kicked out of the band and touring will eventually continue. Singer highjacked social media pages and said he didn't get kicked out or leave and that an official statement was coming soon. A few months go by and he does an IG livestream and basically explained that ASD in no more because of musical differences and that there is bad blood between some members. It's a shame because their latest works are actually really good, but if it's straining on all of them mentally, it's best to put things to an end.

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