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PO Soon: The Dirty Nil - Master Volume - Out Sept 14th

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2 hours ago, trolley said:

Crap, missed the /100. Guess I'll hold off until they play here and buy a copy directly from them.

the /100 is a store exclusive. the remaining copies will be available when the store opens in the coming months


15 minutes ago, nickj said:

Missed the /100, too. There's a $40 2 LP set with a 12" of demos, but not sure I can stomach the ~$60 total with shipping.


Caught them a few weeks ago and heard 5-6 new songs. They all sound great.

the album is amazing! also, that $60 is CAD so thats only like $45 USD. plus the packaging is amazing...

die-cut gatefold, foil inner sleeve, screen printed vinyl, etc, etc

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On 7/11/2018 at 11:36 PM, versusexcalibur said:

"Bathed in Light" and "Pain of Infinity" are great, can't wait to hear the rest.


They haven't even released their best song yet IMO. Always High has been stuck in my head for the past month. Check it out at the 8:28 mark.



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