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PO: Toad the Wet Sprocket - Fear & Dulcinea

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The good? Not $200! The bad? $50 each! 


Claim to be limited but no indication of how limited. Anyone see these anywhere else that suggests a more reasonable price point? There’s a 15% off coupon if you sign up for the mailing list, but still. 



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I've been waiting for Dulcinea to be pressed. $50? Pass!

What's with the outrageous prices for new some pressings? Who mastered/cut this? This is Analogue Productions/MOFI territory (and I even have a hard time justifying those - but at least you know they are awesome).

New at the forum by the way. Love it!


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Just now, Pupples said:

I guess it was 6 hours ago

I already have an original of Dulcinea (don't have Fear) and paid a lot of money for it. The demand is clearly there given what the originals sell for so I don't get how they could have miscalculated this badly in terms of how many copies to press. This just means that there will be a bunch of copies online for over $100 by the end of the week (release date is Wed).

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