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SRC will NOT be doing Deadbeat. ;-)

SRC just keeps the disappointments coming.

The album that made me start disliking Juliana Theory.

Why give your money directly to the people who got something you like pressed when you can pay someone else who already paid them? Makes tons of sense.



Cause SRC sucks, and because Bullmoose probably only is paying around 20-25 a piece for these from SRC, so Bullmoose is making some money opposed a terrible "label".

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Is it really?


Yessir it is.  I emailed them earlier in the week for an update and this is the response I received:




We are almost done with the issue but the plant said its going to be another few weeks till they press it. I apologies for the delay. We want this to be done perfect as its a high quality audio project. 

Sorry again for the delay,


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no email to me. but i just saw this on the order page. 


Expected release date is 20th May 2014

How the hell do you fuck up this badly on guessing dates? You'd think SRC knows how long record pressings take. I don't understand how if they had test pressings done on Jan 14 (when the announcement went up, because SRC says they have test pressings done before they even announce a preorder)... it takes almost 6 months to press the initial records. 
For those keeping track
Jan 14 - Record announced
Jan 16 - Preorder launched (money taken)
March 25 - Original release date, "(hopefully shipping earlier!)" in the original post
April 29 - New release date
May 20 - 2nd new release date
They literally didn't know the records weren't shipping today, until today? 
SRC did exactly what they said they never do. 
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SRC says they have test pressings done before they even announce a preorder

Coming from a company that consistently puts other label's releases up for sale before the releasing label does, I find this incredibly hard to believe. Serious question, does anyone actually trust anything that SRC says?

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