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The thread formerly known as 'ty segall'

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Might be his weirdest record to date. Pretty wild stuff on there in a few places.

Definitely more reminiscent of his older stuff. Melted-era and such.

Gonna take a few more listens to really dig in, but after two, I'm definitely enjoying it.

Looking forward to getting the LP from Drag City and the DL from another spot that isn't Drag City.

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Anyone else here go to the show last night? The backing band was really tight. I was impressed. I think I need more time for this new material to sink in. The older material sounded tits. The only song I didn't recognize was that super sludgy tune they played right after they sang Happy Birthday to that girl. Anyone know what that was?

Tip for those going tonight: if you use the unmanned $10 parking lot up Lucas, the pay station's card reader didn't work and doesn't give change. Someone in line said this is normal for that lot. I'd only brought $20's so I left a note on my dash essentially saying "your shit's broke, bill me". Didn't get a ticket.

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I was there too, I think I remember the jam you're talking about. Feel like I heard it before, maybe a deep cut or b-side I'm forgetting the name of?

If anyone's looking for merch they had a decent spread of LPs + the new album (vinyl, CD and cassette). Nothing limited really besides Gemini and the Ty Segall Band 7" which aren't too scarce but OOP from Drag City. All records were $20 with the exception of Manipulator which was $25, kind of strange because I remember single LPs were only $15 every other time I've seen Ty.

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