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  1. Collection up for grabs (limited time!)

    everyone wants obscure post rock from overseas on the cheap bump
  2. MOL - JORD

    Don't order it here. They are on backorder and I highly doubt this site is going to get the 2nd press. Hopefully some go up on DW soon!
  3. MOL - JORD

    I managed to grab a copy of this in deep discount.com this morning. They appear to still have 1st press POs but we shall see.
  4. The official Horror fan topic

    Just finished up the series Born To Kill on Shudder. Only 4 episodes so a pretty fast watch and hollly shit is it good. You guys need to check it out.
  5. Gotta love a deafheaven thread. Gonna hold off on listening to anything till vinyl is in hand.
  6. Heyyy yoooooooooo!

    “Trashy ass fish skank”
  7. Collection up for grabs (limited time!)

    Responded to a bunch of PMs!
  8. Posting my tradelist for a bit to see what you guys may be interested in. I'm broke and need to make some ends meet. Some stuff is for sure off limits (ETID). But feel free to make offers on whatever else you might be into and I'll see what I'm willing to let go of. Google Doc Tradelist
  9. Waking Season is probably the best intro to Caspian, imo.
  10. Duh. Who else would it be? Sup Dave?!
  11. Heyyy yoooooooooo!