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  1. My NOLA trip is almost coming to a close. I think I've been drunk for over a week. I don't want to go home.
  2. Threw some work into my arm this weekend with Hoffa at ascension tattoo in Orlando.
  3. Just find the drunk guy at the poker tables at harrahs. It's probably me.
  4. Upgraded my seats and checked in for tomorrows flights. So ready to get the fuck outta dodge for a little while.
  5. Haha, I get this same email.
  6. I put them on discogs and legit within 20 seconds (not exaggerating) they sold.
  7. For burgers...The Company Burger. My personal favorite.
  8. I'll be in New Orleans next week also. Hit up Sisters in Christ and Euclid for records. If you dig southern food and heavy meats go check out a place I used to work at called Cochon. There is also a rad butcher/sandwich shop behind it.
  9. ETID and all of the Athletics are gone. Almost at my money goal. Closing this sale up tonight. Thanks guys!
  10. Nice! Glad it's going to a good home.
  11. I have a few more mailers and about to lock this sale up. Grab a few things while you still can!
  12. UP! Some notable mentions up for grabs... Brand New - Deja Entendu | 180g black | 2015 RSD Exclusive | /1400 Prawn - Kingfisher | 1st press | clear w/ blue and orange splatter | /200 Every Time I Die - Last Night In Town | Ferret Music | 1st Press | Transparent Beer/Frothy White /200 If These Trees Could Talk - s/t | The Mylene Sheath | 1st Press | Orange w/Black Splatter /100 (Tour Exclusive) Copeland - Beneath Medicine Tree | 2nd press | 150g white | /300 Beware Of Safety - Dogs | The Mylene Sheath | 1st Press | 2xLP Yellow/Black Swirl /100 (Tour Exclusive) Minus The Bear - Acoustics II | red/blue/black splatter (tour version) | /1000 Modern Baseball - Sports | 2nd press | clear w/ random splatter | /200 Athletics - Why Aren't I Home? | Intheclouds Records | 1st Press | Milky Clear w/Oxblood Haze /100 Athletics - Why Aren't I Home? | Intheclouds Records | 1st Press | Sea Blue/Silver /100 Athletics - Who You Are Is Not Enough | Intheclouds Records | 1st Press | Jack and Coke 97/150
  13. I have all my Athletics stuff up for sale to help with my trip. Selling records is hard