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  1. I grabbed the tri color from TL. My brain can’t even imagine what this variant is going to really look like and I’m okay with that. Also, as the kids say, new song slaps.
  2. Nice dude. Which goodwill? I went digging the other day and didn’t find much. I’ve been thinking about a secondary setup myself.
  3. Went out to the Portland Horror Film Fest last night. Got to meet Mick Garris which was super rad. And they premiered his new anthology horror film Nightmare Cinema which is fucking awesome. I think it’ll be out on shudder sometime in the near future. Reborn was also another feature film that was a really fun watch. Maybe 8 or 9 short films throughout the night. All for $18. Hell of a good night.
  4. The Littlest Viking - Labor & Lust Can't believe i forgot about this one. An old favorite for sure.
  5. I feel like bands like this are setting out to make “the most epic as possible” type records. And in turn makes many other things go untouched that really make a well balanced record.
  6. I’m usually one to get into a gumboXcore band here and there but this one truly did bore me. Sorry Gumby.
  7. https://www.hellomerch.com/collections/russian-circles/products/blood-year-12-vinyl its up
  8. Fuck yeah it is. Here's hoping for some west coast dates.
  9. Dude, right? So are we expecting a PO tomorrow? Or just a tour announcement.