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  1. various download codes

    Adding to this... The Dangerous Summer "War Paint" 9T95A443M9
  2. various download codes

    Daughter "If You Leave" 12_22416_z21410 And let's see if this works now... Hundred Suns "The Prestaliis" L667SU9ESE
  3. Commenting so this stays on my radar. Used to love this album but can't decide if I would actually get my money's worth out of this now.
  4. I would like to say the record sounds great and the cards are really cool. Solid release.
  5. various download codes

    Hundred Suns "The Prestaliis" L667SU9ESE
  6. Black. Mine is nice and quiet. If you're not satisfied with your copy, I'd say see if you can trade it in, cause mine is definitely pretty great.
  7. I mean no guarantees obviously, but it will definitely put them in the mood.
  8. "Hey everybody, first and foremost thank you for preordering this record. We are still waiting for the label to send out all the copies of the deluxe Vinyl and CD's before we can ship anything out.There have been a bunch of snags in production in getting the Vinyl pressed and the Tarot cards made.At any rate, here is the digital download and all the bundles, Deluxe CDs, and Deluxe LPs will be sent out shortly!" Stoked to finally get a download for this, and glad they made a statement regarding the deluxe LPs.
  9. Just got my copy in. Comparing it to the original press for fun. Artwork/layout are almost completely identical, minus the legalese and logos. The jacket and sleeves on the original press are noticeably higher contrast/saturation than the new pressing, curious if that was intentional or just a printing difference. The sleeves on the OP also had one top shorter than the other for record removal, whereas the new sleeves have even tops. When it comes to the records themselves, the new 180g pressing is obviously thicker. Labels do not suffer the contrast discrepancy. As far as the sound, I've only had a chance to listen to the first disc, but wow. This is how this record was meant to sound. The range is there, the detail is there, it's quiet, the atrocious distortion is all but gone. I say "all but gone" because to my ears the latter half of The Scale did not sound up to par with the beginning of Pioneer, but it's still totally listenable. The rest of the experience so far has been stellar. The bass on Pioneer is thunderous. Heinrich Maneuver comes in sounding punchy as hell. Guitars sound accurate and drums tend to leap out at you. Playing this record for someone will get you laid.
  10. PO - Brand New - Science Fiction

    If Brand New doesn't show up on Twin Peaks: The Return playing Lit Me Up, I'm gonna be pissed.
  11. Got my copy yesterday, just now getting a chance to spin it. It's not very dynamic, I'll say that much. Cleans on Internal Cannon sound pretty solid, I just wish there were more range to it. Bass solo on Carpe Diem sounds great, but the rest of the song starts to suffer from some noticeable IGD. The rest of side A sounds solid, though, no other flaws. Will listen to the other side when I get more time. Coloring turned out nice, I'll post a photo later as well.
  12. various download codes

    August Burns Red - Leveler VG949YFK43