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  1. I dig how the second one came out. PM me if you're serious about this and I'll order a second press copy and we can make arrangements for you to get my first press.
  2. Had to track mine down, but I have it now and am almost done listening. Not quite up to the pressing standard of their last record, which sounded fantastic, but it's still enjoyable. Not their strongest album, either, but a solid entry into the discography. Worth it for having Money in the Walls on vinyl alone.
  3. Did anybody actually get this? Mine has showed as "shipped" in the order info for weeks but there's no tracking and nothing has come to me.
  4. Cool, getting a $10 refund. Not sure how this affects the folks who paid less than $45, but hope it turns out okay for them.
  5. I am a garbage person and spent $103.22 on the deluxe black (presumably a heavy smoke or a translucent dark gray) and the 7" box set. Not a fan of the cover but I am a fan of the whole acid green theme.
  6. New song: It Was Not Natural Was just going to pick up the black from Amazon because I have black copies of their other albums, but that colored vinyl goes so perfectly with the artwork and general vibe of the album. And that Merge free shipping! So I just put in an order, oops.
  7. So apparently I missed all the hullabaloo and didn't even realize I had one of the coveted first press copies ordered. Just now seeing the second press variant and I could really go either way on the colors.
  8. PO: Typhoon "Offerings"

    Got my red copy yesterday, packaging is super cool. Only listened to side A because I was semi-busy and didn't want to listen to new songs while distracted, but Floodplains sounded awesome. Definitely pick this up if you haven't already.
  9. I picked up the Volume I 7" back when it dropped and the sound quality was pretty atrocious (also they billed it as a 45 but it apparently got mispressed as a 33) but really hoping this is up to par with their other releases, which are stellar. Just picked up the splatter. That being said, if anyone wants Volume I for collection purposes, I'd be happy to part with it.
  10. various download codes

    Phoenix "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" 12_01050_s22140 Dan Auerbach "Waiting on a Song" MKFQBLUEH5S7
  11. various download codes

    A while back someone posted Sufjan Stevens' "Illinois" and I had never really given the full album a chance so I downloaded it. Time to pay it forward, as I just picked up the record. vnce-u9fr
  12. "Offerings is out in its entirety 1.12.18 on Roll Call Records. In the meantime, the first movement—Floodplains—is available now with visual accompaniment by the talented Nevan Doyle. If you pre-order a copy of Offerings from our online store, you'll instantly receive the entire Floodplains movement as a download. We've got 1,000 web/tour copies of the album on blood red vinyl." Limited Edition Blood Red Vinyl /1000 Indie Exclusive Gold Vinyl /1400 Standard Black Vinyl
  13. various download codes

    Adding to this... The Dangerous Summer "War Paint" 9T95A443M9
  14. various download codes

    Daughter "If You Leave" 12_22416_z21410 And let's see if this works now... Hundred Suns "The Prestaliis" L667SU9ESE