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  1. Already flew the coop.
  2. ^ Already have that TWDY record, can confirm it is tremendous. Do yourself a favor and listen if you're even halfway interested in instrumental post-rock. That live version of Three Legged Workhorse is one of my all-time favorite songs.
  3. Guess I gotta start saving up now.
  4. Guys, I'm pretty sure it's still going to happen. A pressing doesn't really have anything to do with the band. I'm sure Broken Circles is just dealing with Universal's dragging feet as always.
  5. Honestly I'd rather this stay in print. This is a good release, I'd like people to be able to own it.
  6. lolol. Mine definitely has more color than that but I was admittedly a little disappointed that there wasn't more.
  7. Got mine in today. A/B side labels are swapped, curious to see if it's just mine or if it's the pressing.
  8. Mine is in transit, expected Thursday.
  9. Whoa whoa whoa, grayscale cover art? That is sick.
  10. I'm actually really glad I didn't grab this 2 years ago, this looks so much better all around. Love this alternate artwork. Gonna bite the bullet and hop on this right away.
  11. Awesome, thank you. Haven't gotten to pick this up on vinyl yet, will use this to tide me over and will definitely pay it forward once I get my copy.
  12. Mine has a slight warp as to be expected but it doesn't affect playback. No seam splits, so issues with leadouts or B-side playback. I'd highly recommend it.
  13. Is it just me or is this pressing super loud? Sounds awesome, though.
  14. I want this, but I don't want to pay $22.50 for 5 songs, one of which I already have a different version of on vinyl. The Hobby.