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  1. PO: SKELETONWITCH - Devouring Radiant Light

    Email from Prosthetic says the Stone Effect is a Band Exclusive, so maybe we'll see some on tour or maybe only the band gets those copies to give to whoever they want. I know the "Worship The Witch" EP had a clear band exclusive version that I found at Dreadful Sounds in Columbus. Edit: Just ordered the clear/red splater along with the other splatters they had on the site, that blue/black/red splatter of beyond the permafrost is limited to 150 and looks pretty slick
  2. Fuck it, went with the bundle, its a good price no matter what way I look at and I don't foresee a better deal.
  3. But will these live shows be available seperate anywhere/anytime else?
  4. I opened mine last night but haven't spun it yet. will give it a quick clean first obviously. Yeah I can't wait for the subsequent ones... but will they waste my time with the hobbitses?
  5. PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    IMHO I don't like the split version's cover.
  6. PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    $50 nice, I'm not resubbing for that though.
  7. PO SOON : Sleep - The Sciences

    Dude, I'm in Disney World for the weekend so maybe the gift shop will have it? lol Yeah I'm SOL on this but I have a dude picking up my RSD stuff and now he's making an extra run today to see what he can do. I'm not holding my breath.
  8. I got this set via an amazon warehouse deal a couple years back and the records, glossy sleeves, and box were like new; but the paper sleeves the records came in looked like somebody crumpled them up and the smoothed them back out.
  9. PO Now: GHOST - Prequelle

    Lol I'll pick this up when it hits my local shop. I dig this band but I really feel bad for y'all variant collectors.
  10. PO Now: GHOST - Prequelle

    I kinda agree with @defectiveepitaph about the fanbase, but thats not a good enough reason to not like their music. I still dig their sound and will get this for sure.
  11. Got mine from PopMarket today, looks fine but I haven't opened it up yet edit: I'm an idiot and didn't look at the corners, i think the design on these was what caused this
  12. Christ, I hope not. My guess its a new album with their new label: Roadrunner.
  13. Huh, odd. I have his 4x4=12 but I dropped the ball on While(1<12) so I might be down for this, will continue to monitor