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  1. In case you have a capital one card and want to get in on the ticket pre-sales
  2. that password/email thing happened to me too
  3. Bah, it figures.. I clicked the box to ship to a different address and filled it in.. no options.. uncheck the box, all the options. ordered with the media mail option finally
  4. matador's site is too fucked up.. now I don't see any shipping options.. Fuck this I'm going BM or amazon
  5. Sweet!.. hello Prime points!
  6. yeah media mail or amazon prime it if/when it gets put up there.
  7. Are they still on matador? They are listed as current artists, but there's no current news notes on matador's site
  8. Oh man, don't get me wrong, back in HS i found a Bootleg VHS with Broken and all the Music videos on it. I still have it along with the original Closure VHS tapes which pretty much never left the player
  9. Trent had released full remeastered and in Closure's example Expanded versions of all the video material he put out. It's all up on piratebay super easy to find, but HUGE downloads From
  10. Grabbed the smoke and new Wilderness Dream EP. can't wait to spin it.
  11. I really hope they announce a tour version seeing as SF is the first stop on the record release tour after riot fest on 9/29
  12. There's no real BART parking in SF proper, if I had to park overnight somewhere, I would consider Daly City, or Balboa Park areas on the SF side and Ashby, North Berkeley, Rockridge (and up along the yellow line), and mayyybe Lake Merritt if you can get a nice residential spot. Outside the Bart area, you really can't go wrong with some of the purely residential areas like, Inner/Outer Sunset, Outer Richmond, Park Merced, or West Portal areas. There's probably a few more. Stay away from parking overnight, if you can, in FiDi, Downtown, Mission, Hayes Valley, I will warn you that SF has had a large rash of car break-ins (window smashouts, etc) Wherever you end up parking, be sure to make sure nothing is visible and if you have a hatchback or SUV or any other car with drop down back seats that you drop one of the seats does so thieves can see that you have nothing in the trunk. Most of my broken windows have been because someone wanted to see what was in the trunk.
  13. Sooon: This just recently posted
  14. it always has been, I think the old bucketheadland site from the 90's is still up. The greatest in html coding
  15. soooo essentially bucketheadland 3? Also.. DVD of what?