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  1. I imagine the green w/ yellow haze that is on the link image is the tour copy Also ordered, went with bull moose since after tax and shipping to CA the record is $5 cheaper from there
  2. I was unsure if it sold out or not, but there are also still Die Hard editions of Dungeon Bastards available.
  3. I've been at a boot camp/crossfit style gym for the past year. We predominately use kettlebells to lift/train with, however when it's deadlift time I go for the bar. My goal is to deadlift 305 by the end of the year, I'm currently at 215. Also other goals for the year include kettlebell strict uni press 62 lbs, and squat 124 lbs. Currently, I'm at a 44 lb pres and 88 lbs squat. KB swings, It'd be rad to also get to the point where I swing 2 x 62 lb KBs, Right now, my max is one 88 lbs KB.
  4. ahh damn, yeah nm then. never saw it in store so I didn't know. Sorry bout that
  5. this guy had like 4 up there, now thre is 2
  6. Found it from these guys. I just picked up the Darkest Hour 7" from them, seems pretty reasonable
  7. BTW: Just did the shipping calcs from US and EU to California... yeah, I'll amazon or buy locally That's about $37 As a side note.. FUCK CA SALES TAX
  8. Did great dude, Thanks for posting this. to piggy back, looks like there's a pink version /500 that is only available in a bundle form and a blue version that is /1000 that can be gotten outside the bundle. There's also the clear version up on the kings Road EU site: also looks to be /1000 for 24 euros (bout $25) Personally I love the band, but need to hear a couple more tracks before committing. I may just wait for my store to get it.
  9. I saw this, I'd love to have it, but I don't think I'll be able to laydown the needed funds. I wouldn't be surprised if this comes out to like $100 since it is an international release and all
  10. New Mutoid Man record is up for ordering! comes in Black and Blue and gets released June 2nd. Will have guest spots from Chelsea Wolfe and Marty Friedman. Also new song!! I'm stoked!!
  11. Psalm 69 The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste Land of Rape and Honey Houses of the Mole I would go in that order, however any order for these is great.
  12. yeah, I'm really not a big fan of the name. I hope they change it.