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  1. Like the other remasters it sound so much fuller. They did a great job again..
  2. The Plural of Vinyl is Vinyl! Someone at Target needs to be fired!
  3. In case you are like me and keep getting stupid media mail shipping because you are a cheap bastard: https://convergecult.bandcamp.com/album/the-dusk-in-us LOL not five minutes after I post this, I get an e-mail saying I have mail.. LOW and Behold, Converge is in the house!
  4. Secret Santa 2K17!!!! ***SIGN UP CLOSED!***

    Holy crap, I just checked the mail and I already received something, I opened up the tube and it said from secret santa and nothing else.. I'm assuming more is coming but damn skippy good on you santa for being this fast.. I didn't ruin the surprise because I want to open everything at once. just the slip of paper that came out of the tube.
  5. Secret Santa 2K17!!!! ***SIGN UP CLOSED!***

    I'm Manish, I'm 37, and live in the Bay Area. I work at 2K games, and am a DJ and volunteer at KALX Berkeley. My musical tastes range. Though, I tend to stay on the heavier side of punk/Metal, but I do have a soft spot for old RnB, Funk, soul, blues, and 80's Hip Hop (My collection is lacking a lot of this stuff so I'm always on the lookout to expand that way). Check out my Discogs page for more. Visually, I'm a bit of a sci-fi and cartoon fan. Been spending a lot of time watching 80's Transformers, Firefly, Simpsons, Futurama, Batman. I have and unnatural love of lego, board/card/video (PS4/PC) games, puzzles, and sometimes action figures. As far as things I'd be interested in, my wife and I just bought a new place so getting a cool small decoration sort of thing for the homestead would be rad. Other than that, music is always nice, books, games, the standard stuff I think we all like Favorite color.. Dark purple.
  6. Doh.. sorry heh... also dayamn that is a steal
  7. I feel that DW got their full cut when HT bought the records from them to resale.. if anything HT is taking the loss.
  8. Video Game OSTs v2.0

    Played all weekend, and yeah It's super hard. I am currently working on the second Run & Gun and have finished all the bosses up to that point. It's a really awesome, fun , and infuriating game. I managed to perfect Goopy LeGrande after I realized he had audio queues behind the music, so after turning that down I was set, but the other bosses, had more visual queues. It just brings back so many memories of old school platformers like this Oh the biggest slap was when I go the perfect run trophy but didn't get an S ranking on the score because I took too long and didn't use enough super abilities.. A-.. Fuck you game.. I play it again
  9. TBH, considering how much of a shit show the pre-ordering part has been vs. availability, I may sit on it for a while until it's actually released in stores... although I was saving the 20% off coupon for the next batch of releases.. so maybe just wait until they are readily available on the NIN store and roll the dice. TDS and The Fragile and Broken appear to be back in stock. It seems that maybe the reissues are not going to be as limited as previously thought?
  10. Strapping Young Lad vinyl?

    Being a lucky owner of one of the boxed sets, I can attest.. they sounded in fucking credible! If it's from the same mastering (which knowing blood music it probably is) You won't regret it.
  11. Got my Amazon version (blood red) today. Did the non retail version come with a lyric sheet/insert and/or download code?? just kinda odd for a HWM record or really any record to not even come with an insert.