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  1. Fuck you for making me spit out my coffee laughing LOLOL
  2. looks like brooklyn vegan also has copies: https://shop.brooklynvegan.com/products/prodigy-the-fat-of-the-land-2lp-25th-anniversary-edition-metallic-silver-vinyl another cost effective option for US types
  3. bifocal Media has a cool new shirt /300 (if that matters) for preorder https://bifocalmedia.com/product/cave-in-walsby-t-shirt/
  4. Yes! 100% agreed. Himsa are pretty much the only band of that time that I still constantly listen to. I still believe that them not getting bigger was a huge misstep.
  5. Kid Katana just announced pre-orders for TMNT - Shredder's Revenge. Too expensive for my blood but Euro-Fans are stoked: Limted Edition (Neon Green, Numbered /2000 - https://kidkatana.com/shop/limited-edition-vinyl Normal Black - https://kidkatana.com/shop/standard-edition-vinyl Both 45 RPM Standard is also on the bandcamp page : https://kidkatanarecords.bandcamp.com/album/teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-shredders-revenge-original-game-soundtrack
  6. ZIA has em up for PO too: https://www.ziarecords.com/p/928097/avenged-sevenfold-city-of-evil-explicit-version-lmtd-ed-2-lp https://www.ziarecords.com/pid/1300942/avenged-sevenfold-avenged-sevenfold-2-lp https://www.ziarecords.com/p/2613126/avenged-sevenfold-nightmare-transparent-blue-2-lp
  7. awww hellz yeah: Bandcamp link if anyone wants.. has all the records there too: https://themidnight.bandcamp.com/album/heroes
  8. I got my brooklyn vegan copy today.. out of nowhere. Totally forgot I ordered
  9. I like hosting my own digital library, movies, TV, music, etc. (my thoughts on streaming in general include why do I need to keep paying for stuff I already own). Musicwise, I recently discovered that plexAMP works with Android Auto really well, so I can effectively stream everything from my home server. Effectively this will render my Music device useless except for when I travel. The discontinuation of the ipod was unfortunate and foreseeable though. I do feel they missed out on the opportunity to have a Wifi only iphone type device by discontinuing it.. but meh. In general I feel everything is moving to a X as a service model vs X as a product. That's the part that is really annoying to me. We no longer buy the product, we buy the privilege to use the product. Also saddens me that people have been made to feel that owning stuff is inferior to paying to it in perpetuity. I'll stop being that old man yelling at clouds person now.
  10. I'm on soulseek a lot, but my issue especially with relapse is: They used to provide Bandcamp D/L codes to use with vinyl purchases then they stopped without stating why. However, it's kinda clear they want people to double dip for wanting the rarer / deluxe editions/ etc cause those are the versions that don't appear on bandcamp when pre-orders are announced. so you have to first pay like $5 (or more) extra for the rare/deluxe copy (or even some crazy bundle) then another $10 for the download if you don't want to pirate. To me, that just sucks. I'm personally thinking none of this is worth it anymore so yeah.. fuck it I'll deal with the plebe versions of the records and get the download. Just sucks knowing that it didn't use to be that way not so long ago.
  11. sigh.. getting really tired of Relapse not sending out download codes with their rekkids. Honestly bout to exclusively buy their releases on Bandcamp just so I can get the download with it 😕

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