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  1. eri.rol Paypal William Taylor Eric Rolo 613 Box Branch Cir Saint Johns, FL 32259-4379
  2. I'm not the first to post about midne_jorda in this thread. I did request information and it came back from Saint John,Florida. I'm only mobile so it's kind of a pain to link stuff from my phone. Also, if you read his feedback, two of those positive feedback scores have negative remarks. Doesn't make sense, but they do. Funny, that minutes after I canceled his bids the other guy popped up from Orlando and started bidding up my stuff. Not trying to start a witch hunt, so sorry about that.
  3. He's just not going to stop fucking with me joe.williams2012 It's fixing to be a long day.
  4. trevo-loftu (won but never paid) midne_jorda (just canceled 10 high bids he had on my auctions and blocked him) Now this guy has started bidding and I'm canceling all of his bids giawillicla. What a fucking loser.
  5. You know I would have been so bummed if I missed it.
  6. Will come out of vinyl hiding just to buy this. No fucks given.
  7. I know some of you follow me on instagram, and I posted this recently. Luckily, it wasn't to the extreme your dog went to. It looks a lot worse than it is. (sorry, I'm mobile, can't post a picture directly), but, yeah you gotta use cardboard as protection. It was just so ugly, and I thought they had enough scratching posts throughout the house. I was wrong.
  8. When I lived in Fontana, years ago, my go to record store was Mad Platter in Riverside. I know it's still there, but not sure if it's changed significantly over the years.
  9. Y'all should be nice and look out for any Fireworks tests.
  10. They can do this with TBS, and a brand new double lp for Cult, but they still put out a second shitty pressing of the greatest generation without a thought in the world to make it a double lp so it doesn't sound like ass. Oh Hopeless.
  11. Fuck
  12. I don't mind the talking. I like hearing the back stories and such. Bummed this is across the country. Then again, everything is.
  13. Amazon has it, but even after shipping it's about 20 bucks cheaper from Banquet, and that's with prime.π=SY200_QL40
  14. I'm going to keep it in my cart so I can remember that it was almost mine.
  15. You quoted someone else talking about their wife in another thread, and I was like whaattt? Congrats!