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  1. Saw this at my local yesterday afternoon. Definitely numbered in foil on the back, lower left corner.
  2. Can anyone see there being two separate releases here? An album short enough to fit on one LP would be different for them, considering the length of their other albums. That being said, I'm in regardless.
  3. Got it. Thank you for your response. The seam split isn't anything I can't live with, just bigger than I have seen in awhile as it seems distros have gotten much better at mailing records in the past few years. Seeing how it was packaged, I would have been surprised if it had NOT been seam split.
  4. I initially thought this was the issue. But I signed out and signed back in and the shipping charge did not change.
  5. I am new to VMP and just got my first shipment (Demon Days). Before signing up for the club, I purchased The National's "Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers" and just got around to opening it, as I had been out of the country for a few weeks. Is it common for VMP to put the record inside the dust jacket and then inside a poly sleeve? I don't usually get too bent over seam splits, but this one is impressive. I haven't gotten a shipment from anywhere for quite awhile where the record is unsealed, yet still jacketed for shipping. Also, I signed up for a six month membership. Isn't one of the benefits of the membership free shipping on anything in their store? I was going to check out with the Hamilton Leithauser Spotify single and couldn't place my order without including $3.99 for shipping, making the total $13. Any thoughts?
  6. Wave Records in Budapest, Hungary had 2-3 copies of Alice in Chains and one each of the two picture discs The Cure released for RSD this year. They had a few other titles that I know folks on here were looking for, but cannot remember anything else at the moment. I know Budapest isn't exactly close to most on here, but thought maybe those in the region might appreciate the lead.
  7. I think the shipping surcharge is already built into the price of the subscription for you, seeing as how a 3 month subscription is $81 for those within the US.
  8. The European Kings Road Merch site has an option as well: https://eu.kingsroadmerch.com/shop/view/?id=11070&cid=1031 Great looking, and not a whole lot more expensive really, but European shipping seems to have gone up considerably from what I remember. Maybe us Americans just got spoiled there for awhile by ordering cheaper from Europe than the US.
  9. The site won't let me add either to my cart. I wonder if this is preliminary or something. I can't imagine them being sold out already.
  10. Swirl is sold out.
  11. I was actually fine paying it, and $75 for a signed artist proof is even better. Like I said, I really like the print, but I think a lot of those around me were suffering sticker shock. I think this would have normally sold out much quicker if everything hadn't been so expensive. I also think that many just see this as a "poster" rather than an artist print. Also, the prints sold at Third Man are numbered, but are not signed.
  12. I picked one up. It is a great looking print, but like everything else sold at Third Man for RSD this year, they really stuck it to their customers on the price. This print was $50.
  13. Considering that I ordered and was charged for the D2C variant in the short time it was put up a few weeks ago, it was $40, $5.99 for shipping, and $2.73 for tax (in Utah, no less) for a total of $48.73. I would consider $50 for the RSD version pretty good. If I could find one for $50, I would pull the trigger.
  14. Amazon's description lists that their copies will be on gold vinyl as well. This is also currently sitting at $17.13 on Amazon.